Is Luffy’s dream to throw the biggest party in the world?

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 1060 of the One Piece Manga by Eiichiro Oda, available in English from Viz Media.

at the end of each one piece Episode, Luffy announces, “Kaizoku o ni Ore wa Naru!” The literal translation in English is “I’ll Be the Pirate King”. His desire to become the Pirate King is the basis of the series, and Oda makes sure the audience knows how important this goal is to Luffy.

Chapter 1060 shows that Luffy has much more to offer than just his desire to be the king of the seas. However, when he tells his crew about his dream during flashbacks to his childhood with his brothers Ace and Sabo, the three discuss what their hopes and dreams are and when Luffy’s turn came, the others Laughed at his answer.

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It is unknown what his answer is exactly, but as he told his crew, this recent chapter touches upon it once again. His dream was met with laughter, incredulity and shock from fellow Straw Hats. Usopp said that there is no way Luffy’s dream would be possible, but Luffy responded by saying that it would happen if he were the King of the Pirates.

As much as Luffy wants to be the Pirate King, this appears to be a means to fulfill his dream. Both times he told others about his dream, the dream was never explained, but the audience gets to see the reactions of those around him.

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Given Luffy’s simple-mindedness, it’s most likely that the dream is equally simple, especially because it’s the one she’s had since having a child. This alone makes the dream a little bit dull, as it must be something a child is able to come across.

There are some popular fan theories about what Luffy’s dream might be, but by far the most popular is that Luffy wants to throw the biggest party in the world. After every major fight in the story, the Straw Hats always throw off a huge party to blow off steam and celebrate. Once Luffy achieves a pirate’s biggest goal, it makes sense that the biggest party in the world will follow him.

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underlying themes of one piece It points to a possibility, as it is a story about friendship, camaraderie and laughter. Luffy spreads laughter and joy to the places he and his crew go, and wherever he goes, he specializes in collaborating to bring people together in impossible situations.

For now, Oda seems satisfied keeping the audience in suspense, perhaps hoping that when Luffy’s dream finally comes true, it will bring with it a huge emotional payoff. As the story nears its end, the more than two decades-long storyline is finally coming to its conclusion, but fans will have to wait a bit longer to see how everything ties up in the finale.


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