Inumaki’s Cursed Speech’s Deadly Potential

Coming from the Inumaki clan, Toge Inumaki, a second year student at Jujutsu Tech, possesses the clan’s famous cursed speech technique. Along with a distinct physical appearance, individuals of the Inumaki clan bear a unique snake and fangs seal on their cheeks and tongue. The technique infuses the user’s words with cursed energy, and any spoken word becomes an order their opponents must obey.

Using the technique repeatedly hurts Inumaki’s throat, and he refrains from speaking so that he doesn’t accidentally curse his friends. If they had to master their technique more, Inumaki would be one of India’s deadliest threats Jujutsu Kaisen,

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Cursed speech is a versatile technique based on language. If an opponent is unaware of Inumaki’s cursed speech, it will be difficult for them to defend against it. As Inumaki gets stronger, so do the effects of his cursed speech, making it possible for him to fend off more powerful enemies. However, since Inumaki is still a relatively inexperienced jujutsu magician, he uses simple commands such as “sleep” or “run”, which is extremely useful in a battle when his opponent doesn’t know how to use his combat techniques.

Inumaki’s more complex commands include “Turn off,” “Explode,” and “Get crushed.” These commands are more effective at neutralizing enemies, however, as the use of cursed speech takes a toll on the user’s body. Using stronger techniques results in a more physical reaction, such as a sore throat or the user coughing up blood. If the shortcomings of his cursed speech weren’t so severe, Inumaki could have taken the orders further and ordered a person to die. He could also instruct his opponent to turn on his allies and kill them.

Inumaki is currently in her second year of school. Therefore, he is still learning how to master his technique and overcome the shortcomings that come with cursed speech. As he advances his skills, he may eventually master a domain extension. Domain expansion is known to be the highest ability a jujutsu magician can master. The domain acts as a barrier that separates a space that reveals the user’s innate technology and creates an environment that amplifies the user’s cursed energy. The captured target cannot escape the user’s cursed techniques inside the domain.

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Sukuna’s domain, Malevolent Shrine, hits anything within its effective range with consecutive attacks. Gojo’s domain, Infinite Void, traps his targets in his infinite technology, which renders them immobile. Of the students at Tokyo Jujutsu Tech, Megumi is the only student to have used a domain, even though it was incomplete. If Inumaki used a domain expansion, he would be able to expand the reach of his cursed speech.

everywhere Jujutsu KaisenIn , Inumaki used his cursed speech on several wizards only when he told his allies to run away from Hanami. He commanded several lower level cursed spirits to detonate, but his low strength made it easy to carry out the attack. It is possible to use the technique on multiple targets at once, but Inumaki often refrains from doing so because it takes a toll on his neck. Mastering a domain extension may allow him to make the most of his cursed speech. The domain can increase the extent of its effectiveness and eventually command a group of individuals to do what it wants.

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