Hunter x Hunter announces first new manga in 4 years

some good news for Hunter x Hunter fans, as the series’ official Twitter page announced that a new manga volume is on the way.

Since his hiatus four years ago, Hunter x Hunter Mangaka has largely remained silent due to his ill health. as reported by CrunchyrollThe official Shonen Jump Twitter account announced that Volume 37 Hunter x Hunter Arrives in Japan on November 4. The first volume was released by Shueisha in Japan on October 2018, with the English version released in August 2019. The upcoming volume, Volume 37, will contain chapters 381-390 and will contain no chapters. that the producer, Yoshihiro Togashi, is currently working on.

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Togashi joined Twitter in May to update fans on the series, and soon thereafter has garnered millions of followers. In July, Mangaka announced that they had resumed drawing panels for Hunter x Hunter Chapters again, completing the draft of the first ten chapters, thus raising hope for fans who have been waiting for years. More recently, in early September, Togashi updated its progress, revealing that the next volume is nearly complete except for the double-page spread.

This is not the first time Hunter x Hunter Togashi has been on a long break due to back problems. The series went on a two-year hiatus from 2014–2016, before returning for another two months before it went on a hiatus for another year. This process continued till it was decided in 2018, that Hunter x Hunter Will take another break, but it will be the longest one ever, which will be completed in four years. While he plans to complete the series, the makers have given an update on his deteriorating health, revealing in a worrying tweet that he is in constant pain and has lost strength in his right arm.

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Serialized in Weekly Shnen Jump from March 1998, Hunter x Hunter Gone Freaks follows a young boy who goes on a journey to find his father, who abandoned him when he was a child to become Hunter. To complete dangerous tasks, hunters travel around the world to find treasures and rare animals. In order to find his father, Gon must pass the dreaded Hunter test, where most of the test takers turn out to be disabled or dead.

During the serialization and subsequent hiatus of the manga, Hunter x Hunter Was adapted into anime twice – first in 1999 and rebooted in 2011. Madhouse produced the 2011 version which ended in 2014 with 148 episodes. The series can now be streamed on Netflix in 104 countries starting September 1, thanks to the streaming platform’s deal with Japan’s Nippon TV.

Print editions of Volumes 1 to 36 are published in English by Viz Media. Fans can also read it digitally through the Shnen Jump app. At this time there is no information regarding the release of the English version of Volume 37.

Source: via twitter Crunchyroll


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