How Regen Arataka Became a Fan-Favorite Character

When it comes to shonen anime, characters who have an incredible amount of power usually get the most attention. That’s right, because they are the ones who make up most of the amazing fight scenes that get the audience excited. mob psycho 100 This is no exception, especially with a main character who can arguably crush everyone else in the story. Interestingly, however, one character in the series claims even greater popularity than the protagonist.

Shigeo Kageyama, commonly known as the Mob, has such powerful psychic powers that she can easily destroy buildings. The catch, however, is that his abilities are directly influenced by his emotions. In such a situation, he constantly keeps himself under control. But despite his brilliant psychic powers, Mob decides to receive an apprenticeship under a virtually powerless being: Regen Arataka.

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Mob’s mentor Reigen Arataka is a conman – from heart

The only reason Regen becomes Arataka Mob’s master is because he’s so good at dodging other people. His main shtick is pretending to drive away evil spirits; He mostly cares about earning money and doesn’t mind manipulating his customers to keep them. The only reason the mob accepts as an apprentice is the boy’s psychic powers. Arataka uses her as a staff and sends her to exorcise real evil spirits, while he himself demands compensation for a job well done. But despite his ambiguous mannerisms, Arataka is surprisingly a kind person.

Although he technically defrauded most of his customers, Arataka accepts payment only after their issues are resolved in a more traditional way. For example, he uses his photo editing skills to “cast out” evil spirits in cursed photos, giving his clients somewhat satisfactory results. And despite his questionable teachings, he is a good mentor to the crowd. He has also proved on several occasions that he genuinely cares about the well being of the crowd by putting himself in danger to save it.

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Why 100 fans of Mob Psycho love the powerless Arataka

This sharp contrast in Arataka’s character is the main reason he is fascinated. mob psycho 100 the audience. Despite his lack of supernatural powers, he possesses unparalleled charisma and quick wit. He can come up with unique solutions to even the most difficult of problems, to the amazement of fans.

Being a well-animated character, Arataka is also a favorite subject of memes and online content. His outrageous expressions are always great comedy content and his quirky antics are entertaining to watch. Great popularity eventually comes with a high probability of being shipped with other characters, and Regen is not exempt from that. Fans send him not only to his colleague Serizawa, but to the evil spirit Dimple.

Regen Arataka may not have power that equals the crowd, but she’s undeniably one of the most popular characters mob psycho 100, The contrast between his silliness and credulity greatly increases his charisma, while his over-the-top reactions are great inspiration for Internet content. Of course, the fact that he is actually a decent person helps a lot in his popularity. After all, he only exploits innocent people by giving them satisfactory service. It could also be argued that he is being paid less for what he is doing.


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