How popular will the ornament bony be?

The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1060, “Luffy’s Dream” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English from Viz Media.

one piece Chapter 1060, “Luffy’s Dream,” ends with the Straw Hat Pirates saving ornament Bonnie from drowning. It seems that she will be an integral part of the plot of her next destination. If so, this could be a chance for him to become a fan-favorite character.

One thing to note is that she is a member of the worst generation. These 12 pirates have become key players in the story since before the Straw Hats entered the new world. Some of the bigger members of this group are also top contenders for founding One Piece. Bonnie’s ability as a character must be equal to that of at least one of her companions. To figure out just how popular she might be, it’s important to consider how everyone else has fared in this department.

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At the top of the totem pole are Luffy and Zorro. As members of the main cast, they have the most characterization in the story to date; The rest of the worst generation can hardly scratch them in this regard. Even if Bonnie somehow turns out to be a straw hat herself, it’s unlikely she’ll ever come close to his level of popularity.

As far as a supporting cast, Trafalgar Law sets the better gold standard for the worst generation ever. After Luffy and Zoro, she had the most time for fans to get to know and love her; Their personalities, backstories and character arcs have been fully explored since the Straw Hats entered the new world. At the height of his popularity, he was regularly featured in merchandise alongside the likes of Luffy, Chopper and even Ace. In an ideal world, the worst generation would reach this level of recognition by the end of the series.

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There are a few more members of the worst generation right below the law who could be contenders for their level of popularity. Eustace Kidd is presented as someone who can stand on an equal footing with the likes of Law and Luffy; He got some characterization in Waano, but his real moment to shine is probably yet to come. Blackbeard has long been established as one of Luffy’s final enemies; By the end of the series, he is likely to completely usurp both Kidd and Law with his notoriety. The killer may have become even more popular through his association with the Kid, not that he should be on his captain’s level. The standards currently set for these characters are high, but they can all go further.

A mid-level character among the worst generation would be someone like Capone Baez. He may have had a bigger role in the Whole Cake Island arc, but he didn’t make an impression beyond that. It’s hard to even imagine that he’s back in the story in a meaningful way; He certainly doesn’t look like he’ll be a rival to Luffy looking for a one piece like Kid, Law, or Blackbeard. She may be liked by some readers, but is unlikely to become her fan favorite.

Under Beige are the likes of Scratchmen Apu, Basil Hawkins, and Ax Drake. It is certainly hard to root for all three, especially traitors like Apu and Hawkins. However, Drake is still respectable enough in his morals and conviction to potentially earn some respect; Plus, he’s a member of the Mysterious Sword, so he must eventually get more chances to prove himself. For now, though, these characters haven’t done a good enough job in the story to warrant a following.

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As for Bonnie herself, she keeps a fairly low profile. Much of what the series has depicted him doing so far involves reacting to what other members of the worst generation have done. This upcoming arc is probably where she really shows what she’s made of.

Considering that Bonnie has a bigger role to play in the next arc, she may end up somewhere between Kidd and Baez in terms of popularity; She can rank higher than the killer. It all depends on what his role will be in the arc and how big an impact he will have on the story going forward. She could either be an icon for the series or just another character that Straw Hats happened to befriend on their travels. Alternatively, Mad Monk Urog can masquerade as a dark horse and steal the show outright.


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