How much would Kozuki Oden’s reward be?

The following contains spoilers for the One Piece manga by Ichiro Oda, available in English from Viz Media.

Wano’s former shogun, Kozuki Oden, was an important character in one piece, He was first mentioned in the “Punk Hazard” arc by Kinemon, one of his acolytes, but it wasn’t until the middle of the “Wano” arc that viewers were able to fully experience his backstory.

Oden is undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters ever featured in the story, able to contend with the likes of Kaido and Whitebeard. Despite his strength, he never received any reward from the World Government, but it would almost certainly have been the highest in the series. Bounties are often used by fans to determine a character’s power level. Dragon Ball, where a numeric value specifying how strong a character is. Dragon Ball This measurement system has moved away, but it has forever changed the way characters are measured against each other, even in other series.

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However, in-universe, there is only a small component of the strength that goes into the value of a reward. What a reward really represents is the danger that an individual presents to the world government. The threat it poses can range from power or influence to willingness and ability to expose things the government wants to keep hidden.

Oden has one of the most dangerous abilities a person can have one piece: He could read ponaglyphs. Created by his clan during the Zero Century, a 100-year gap in history, the ponyglyphs were created to record what happened during this period, 800 years before the beginning of the story. The study and knowledge of ponyglyphs is strictly forbidden by the world government under the penalty of death. Although the government claims this is due to sensitive information about ancient weapons – three weapons capable of destroying the world – the reality is that the information recorded on ponyglyphs from about the zero century is more important than anything to the world government. Far more dangerous otherwise.

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The truth of Void Century won’t be revealed until much later in the story, so fans can only speculate until then. Simply put, Oden’s ability to read ponyglyphs alone makes him an incredibly dangerous figure in the eyes of the government. Nico Robin’s updated bounty of eight hundred million gives some perspective on how dangerous the ability to read ponyglyphs can be.

Perhaps another factor in Oden’s bounty is the team he was part of: the Whitebeard Pirates and the Roger Pirates. They were the most powerful crew in the world at their height, with Roger the Pirates certainly the one who eventually became the first to sail to the end of the Grand Line. By default being part of a powerful squad carries a high bounty on a character’s head, which becomes even more infamous when a squad is formed. This has been shown to happen several times with Straw Hat Pirates, who all receive an increase in reward, even if only a few of them do anything notable in any given arc.

If anything is going to increase the character’s bounty, being part of the Pirate King’s crew and being present with them when they arrive at Hans Tail certainly will. Combined with the fact that Laugh Tale has a story that uncovers the truth of the zero century, there is no doubt that Oden’s bounty must have been in the billions.

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Despite all this, the fact remains that the high reward invites questions. Robin is believed to be the only person in the world capable of reading ponyglyphs – a fact the government is well aware of – but his reward was deliberately kept low, despite the threats he made. If his wealth in childhood was in billions, then the people of the world would surely wonder and start asking questions. It is possible that the government considered giving Oden a bounty, but chose not to do so for similar reasons, and it is also possible that if he had a reward, he would be kept less than what he should have. .

With his immense power, feat, history and ability to read poneglyphs, it is not unreasonable to think that Oden would have had a bounty in the four billion range. With everything added together, it’s possible that the highest bounty ever in the series belonged to Roger, Whitebeard, and Oden.


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