How Medical Isekai Became So Popular

Parallel World Pharmacy ,isekai yakyoku) has broken the typical iskai fantasy anime mold and found its way into Crunchyroll’s Top 5 Anime of Summer 2022, standing out from the crowd through a unique blend of magic and medicine. Based on the original light novel by Liz Takayama, the anime was released in July 2022 and has topped the review scores of other Isakai animes, including Harem in the labyrinth of another world, my isekai life, And Black call.

However, how this seemingly standard story trope became so popular comes down to extraordinary storytelling and its inclusion of modern drugs and diseases. As much as fans can enjoy a standard fantasy world full of monsters and magic, Parallel World Pharmacy Also portrays medicine in a way that is both engaging and easy to understand – even learn from it.

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the story behind the trope

Parallel World Pharmacy Yakutani is the story of Kanji, a young, world-renowned medical researcher who is passionate about his work. His research stemmed from the despair of being unable to save his younger sister from an incurable brain tumor, and he devoted his life to making sure that no one had to suffer like his sister. One day, he dies from overwork in his sleep and awakens in the body of 10-year-old Pharma de Medicis, the son and apprentice of a Royal Pharmacist in San Flav country.

The Yakutani take possession of the child’s body after being struck by lightning on the original pharma, and find themselves in a fantasy world in which magic belongs only to nobles and medical practices that border on superstition rather than medicine. However, the Yakutani, now Pharma, learn that even in this imaginary world, their newly granted powers of divine creation, divine destruction and divine vision, after being blessed by Panactios, the god of healing, allow them to transform into a human. Makes more gods.

In a medieval society where reliable behavior was the only source of healing and high prices made it difficult for ordinary people to purchase prescriptions, the Yakutani chose to remain as pharma, despite the suspicions of those around them, and their divine Uses both art and scientific knowledge. Medicine to treat those around you. After Queen Elizabeth II of the San Flav Kingdom was saved from tuberculosis, Pharma was allowed to become a royal pharmacist, with the desire to open her own pharmacy to be able to provide reasonable prescriptions at reasonable prices to all, elite or general. expressed his desire. By sharing her knowledge of modern medicine and creating innovative treatments, Pharma slowly revolutionizes the world of medicine as she strives to help those in need, though not without her fair share of problems.

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The main reason this anime has captured the hearts of so many is because of how it seamlessly and uniquely blends medicine and magic to tell a heartwarming story. Written under the guidance of health expert and pharmacist, Kojima Yoshi, the story is able to incorporate realism into the medical science used by pharma, showing authentic drugs and diseases that viewers can recognize.

Based on the story with real diseases and remedies for ailments found in medieval times, it brings a sense of familiarity to the fictional world. Parallel World Pharmacy Which makes the series more interesting and engaging. Fans can follow the process of how the medicine is made and the science behind it as Pharma uses his divine magic to manufacture raw materials, as well as identify diseases through the use of his divine vision. How to do. There is also a clear explanation of the magic theory of the world that allows viewers to understand how Pharma incorporates science into his magic, without interrupting the flow of the story.

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breaking the isekai mold

Besides the extraordinary mix of magic and science, another factor Parallel World PharmacyThe success of the series is due to the complex world-building and storytelling that allows the anime to flow in a way that is not mentally exhausting and is still refreshing for viewers. Similar to Myne bookworm growthYakutani was reincarnated in the body of a person already established in another world, not just being reincarnated, and the main theme revolved around ‘the power of knowledge’, Parallel World Pharmacy Step away from the stereotypical trope of just being an ultra-powerful hero.

The characters themselves also bring an element of change from typical Iskai cast structures, with each supporting character having their own individual and unique roles. For example, the funny and cute Eléonore “Ellen” Bonnefoi is not only your typical bishojo insert, but a character who supports Pharmma’s development while increasing her knowledge, confidence, and self-confidence. Similarly, Pharma’s father, Bruno de Medicis, is not just a typical stern father, but one who acknowledges the talents and power of the man who has become his son. Although Pharmma’s younger sister, Blanche de Medicis, may be called the typical younger sister trope, it even has a deeper meaning, as the character who serves as an anchor for Pharmma’s inspiration and Reminds the younger sister of her past life that she could not save, playing a huge factor towards her character development.

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Compared to drugstore in another world‘Casual slice-of-life fantasy story and Mushoku Tenseiquestionable character traits of, Parallel World PharmacyThe detailed world-building, storytelling, characters and realism set it apart from the typical Iskai fantasy story and reached Crunchyroll’s Top 5 Anime of Summer 2022.


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