How high are sea bounties?

The following contains spoilers for the One Piece manga by Ichiro Oda, available in English from Viz Media.

Chapter 1056 one piece Initiated a new pirate organization, the Cross Guild. Run by Buggy, Crocodile and Mihawk, the organization exists to claim bounties placed on Marines – a complete reversal of the bounty system that has been in place so far in the story.

Pirate bounties are more than just a number, however, they represent the danger that an individual presents to the world government. It can range from political influence to unique abilities and, of course, physical strength. Fans often use bounties to compare the power levels of characters relative to each other, but using bounties exclusively for this is often unwise because of everything that makes up their respective values.

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The fact that the bounty is beginning to be placed on Marines creates an interesting dynamic in the pirate world. While the World Government is the power that issues the pirate bounty, it seems as though anyone could place a bounty on a Marine’s head, payable to whoever took them down. Wanted posters for marines also differ from pirates in that they have no monetary value printed on them. Instead, these posters have stars, similar to the way Doflamingo placed bounties on various individuals during the “Dreserosa” arc. Each star represents a monetary value; The more stars on a poster, the higher the payout.

It is unknown what the stars are worth on marine posters, but it is likely that if they followed the model created by Doflamingo, each star is worth one hundred million berries. As the story progresses, the reward values ​​are becoming increasingly absurd, with many straw hat pirates exceeding the billion mark, so it is more than likely that any reward placed on the marine is equally high. Will happen.

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For example, the reward bestowed on an admiral would certainly be in the billions, possibly around the four billion mark for the strongest of them. Someone like Fleet Admiral, Akainu, has the potential to be the highest reward for a Marine due to the danger it poses to pirates around the world. Of course, if someone was crazy enough to place the bounty on an Admiral or living legends like Garp and Tsuru, this poses a new problem: who can really claim them? Admirals are some of the most powerful people in the world one pieceIt is therefore unlikely that any reward placed on them can ever be claimed in the first place.

It is equally difficult to claim the bounties imposed on the Yonko because the people they are associated with are too powerful to be defeated and brought about. Of the people in the Cross Guild, the only person capable of defeating the Admiral is Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in the world, and he doesn’t care to fight the Admiral or Yonko.

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Bounties placed on Marines are potentially set for the return of something that has only been touched briefly one piece: Bounty hunter. Zorro’s introduction to the story was as the most feared pirate hunter in the entirety of East Blue, and to this day, his bounty poster bears the epithet “Pirate Hunter Zorro”. However, no bounty hunter has ever been shown otherwise.

In fact, no bounty has ever been claimed in the series; The sea bounty may actually be the first. As much as one piece Leaning away from the stereotypical pirate tropes it probably went too far when it comes to the bounty system, which, as it stands, is just a system fans use to figure out how powerful a character is. Is. So it will be interesting to see how the Cross Guild develops as the story progresses. Buggy’s new status as Yonko gives the organization a lot of credibility with Crocodile and Mihawk. The Cross Guild will be a key player in the final arc, likely to be involved in all-out war of the climax at the end of the series.


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