Hataraku Maou-Sama S2 E11 recap and spoiler

The following contains spoilers for The Devil Is Part-timer! Season 2, Episode 11, “The Devil Preaches Human Interaction,” is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Deciding to find more of Yesod’s pieces on her own, Emi uses the magic of the crystals she currently holds to find the remaining crystals. While doing this task, Maui, Suzuno and Aashiya meet Rika at a shopping center and ask Rika for advice on buying a mobile phone and TV. Rika thinks this is strange at first, but soon understands why Aashia seeks his advice when she explains that she needs to upgrade her current TV to the 4K version, and she doesn’t know. What is she talking about. Then she invites them over for lunch to discuss the basics.

During lunch, while Suzuno is amazed at the cheap price of his delicious udon food, Ashiya and Maui discuss their budget constraints with Rika. In the middle of this conversation, Suzuno accidentally slips that she is not Japanese, when she reveals that she doesn’t know much about the country’s consumer culture and Rika wonders if she was raised in a foreign country. Was. She “confirms” that she grew up in a developing country where it was not a luxury, and avoids brushing off the fact that she is from another world.

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When Suzuno decides to get another serving of her udon noodles, the group encounters a foreigner who is speaking to the cashier in English, although she only speaks Japanese. Maui decides to help the cashier, while the foreigner tells him not to disturb him, as this could lead to him – and other foreigners – being banned from the place. This action leads Rika to question how if Maui can speak fluent English then how is she only a part-timer. Ironically, the moment the alien leaves, he shows that he actually speaks fluent Japanese and questions why he bothered to learn English if it’s not the “language of the world.” He also scolds the person on the other line for not telling him that his target will be in Japan, hinting that he may actually be celestial in origin.

In another part of Tokyo, Amy continues to follow the path of her Yesode Shard, only to find herself in a hospital. Incidentally, Emi goes to Chiho’s mother and quickly learns that her daughter has been hospitalized. When Mao and his group arrive at the shopping center to buy their TVs, Suzuno immediately starts looking for the TVs of their choice. Since Suzuno previously mentioned that she has 70,000 extra, Rika feels that Ashiya should shop with him so that they can potentially get a discount on a TV if they buy two together. Ashiya is grateful for this advice as it may have given her enough money to buy a mobile phone. His reaction terrifies Rika, causing Maui to learn that she has a crush on him.

Soon after buying his TV, Maui invites Suzuno over for tea to discuss the fact that Rika has feelings for Ashiya. Suzuno feels that it is a bad idea for them to be together as it will only lead to a sad future. Mao, however, suggests that they tell her the truth about herself in the way she would believe, and let her decide for herself whether she still wants to have a relationship with him. Suzuno still thinks that letting more humans in on her secret is a bad idea, and her sternness on the matter is not without foresight. In the communication style displayed by Mao and Suzuno, Rika questions whether they are really friends. Aashia vaguely states that they should not be friends, but discussing their history is too complicated to share at the moment.

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Deciding to ignore Aashiya’s secret, Rika shows her some pamphlets and invites her to start shopping for mobile phones. A series of television screens inside the store are inexplicably destroyed before Ashiya has a chance to implement Rika’s proposal. Maui advises that Ashiya take Rika back to her house while she and Sujuno watch the TV incident. As Rika and Ashiya leave, Suzuno speculates that the incident may have been the handiwork of Barbarisia’s faction. Maui agrees and believes he should contact Amy and Urushihara. Coincidentally, Amy calls Sujuno at the time to inform that Chiho has been put into a coma by a powerful spell and is in the hospital.

Mao and Sujuno immediately visit Amy and Chiho’s mother at the hospital and discuss what happened. Chiho’s mother reveals that when she arrived home at dinner time she found him in a coma and was not able to wake him. When she called for an ambulance, neither the EMT nor the doctors were able to revive her or pinpoint the cause of her coma. At the most, all they know is that his life is not in danger. When Chiho’s mother leaves Mao and his friends to keep an eye on her daughter while she does some chores, Suzuno reveals her theory as to what really happened to the girl. They believe that someone had struck Chiho with a celestial force-based pulse, which effectively turned his life force into magical energy and put him in a coma.

The moment Suzuno concludes his theory, another TV explodes in the hospital lobby, and Suzuno confirms that it is the result of an astronomical sonar. Mao and Emi decide to investigate Chiho, while Suzuno and Ashiya investigate the rest of the hospital for someone capable of using such power. However, before starting their investigation, Urushihara meets with Ashiya and Suzuno and informs them of Gabriel’s journey and that the celestial sonar may be the work of Raguel the Watcher. When they meet Mao and Amy in Chiho’s room, Urushihara reveals everything she’s learned from Gabriel in his apartment, making Mao aware of the fact that he is searching for the treasures of the mythical Demon King Satan. Is.

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Despite not being a high-ranking angel, Suzuno knows that Raguel is still empowered to oversee the activities of the other angels, and judge and punish as he sees fit. However, what doesn’t click for Suzuno is the reason why only Chiho was influenced by celestial sonar, not other TV viewers in Japan. Maui reminds him that Chiho’s home was once the center of sonar pulse expulsion, though this reveals something else to Amy. If the watchman is in Japan, it confirms that his own mother, the mysterious Layla, is also in the country. After Chiho’s mother returns to the hospital with her daughter, Mao and his friends leave and Amy uses the opportunity to ask Urushihara what happens to the angels judged by Raguel.

According to Urushihara, a possible punishment for an angel is to cast him out of heaven as he was. Under normal circumstances, this would force Sariel and Raguel to snatch their angel of immortality and exile them to Ante Isla. In other cases, the angel is killed. Upon learning of this information, Amy decides that she needs to save her mother from the Watcher as she has just learned of his existence and wants answers from him. Before he can find his mother, however, Amy lends her support to help locate the Watcher in order to hold him accountable for the damage caused to Chieho. Since he is using TV signals to mark his presence, this limits his possible position to two locations.

Inside Chiho’s room, his nurse appears as Layla, which is why Emi’s Yesod Sharp initially brought her to the hospital. With Layla fully aware of Chiho’s condition, she gives the girl her ring containing another Yasood Sharp. Keeping the ring on her finger, Layla hints that Chiho will be the future mother of a new Dath, which shows her interest in protecting him.

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