Green Kishin’s defeat was an anti-climax.

The following contains spoilers for episode 22 of the Orient, “Old and Younger Brothers,” which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Yamata no Orochi (Green Kishin) is considered one of Hinomoto’s five strongest Onis. For more than 150 years, this creature has terrified everyone who stands before it, and not a single band of bushy has managed to leave a scratch on its emerald-green skin. The primary focus of the second part has been the Uesugi Alliance’s goal to oust this powerful Kishin, who lives on Awaji Island. orient first season. Although viewers have glimpsed Yamata no Orochi in several episodes, its true power and abilities have never been fully seen.

After weeks of construction, Awaji Island recapture Operation Ark is finally coming to an end. Many fans expected that the hero of the show would have an exciting fight with this impressive creature. However, things have come to a close with a whisper instead of a bang. in episode 22 eastIn “Older and Younger Brothers,” the green kishin is easily taken down after Akihiro cuts off the horn of a simple worm-oni carrying the kishin’s food source. This enables the Uesugi troops to rapidly defeat Yamata no Orochi and capture Awaji Island. Sadly, this villain, who should have been an interesting figure within the series, remains largely undiscovered.

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Green Kishin didn’t show his power

While it was interesting to learn more about the backstories of Akihiro and the Shimazu brothers, there was a considerable amount of screen time in their development that could have been put to better use by showcasing Yamata no Orochi’s unique abilities and unmatched strength. This creature must have the power of one of Hinomoto’s Five Grand Generals and wreak havoc on combatants on the battlefield. However, Green Kishin remained largely static and had little impact on the story outside of being a simple plot device.

Usugi Band’s strategy of starving the creature by removing the food source was certainly a clever strategy. On the other hand, its application within fiction makes no sense. If seen from the point of view of the audience, the settlers are present on Awaji Island only for a few hours. While it is possible that Kishin may need to feed it regularly to maintain its power, such a massive vulnerability raises the question of why it took Bushi nearly two centuries to defeat it. Even though it is indeed true that the oni must have a constant food source, this still does not explain why the audience did not see the full force of Green Kishin on the Uesugi band coming ashore on Awaji Island.

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Another missed opportunity to develop Mushi as a character

For the past few weeks, fans of the show have been crying out for Musashi’s character to develop rapidly. For the most part of this arc, it seems that the protagonist has fallen into the background. While Mushi has learned a few lessons here or there, for the most part, he has been too weak to make a significant impact on the narrative. Although other characters such as Akihiro and the Shimazu brothers have entered the fray to fill this void, this is often not enough to engage the audience in the action or the wider plot.

The battle for Awaji Island should have been a pivotal moment for Musashi to grow and potentially realize his true power. Unfortunately, the glory and growth that many had hoped for in this character was instead transferred to Akihiro. Although eastThe large pool of characters and the attention the writers have given them must be commended, making it difficult to see how Musashi will be able to re-enter the forefront of the series.

The episode appears to mark the moment in which the Obsidian Eight sees Kishin as the primary villain within the series, both in terms of his power level and the degree of screen time he is given. Although it was likely to happen, many would not have expected it to happen so soon. hopefully, as east Moving forward, more attention will be paid to these creatures to find out their true powers.


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