Girl Meets Girl connects Yuri with science-fiction

Some styles are mixed together so often that the resulting mix becomes a unique style in its own right. For example, everyone is familiar with action-adventures because of how common the combination is. However, other style combos are so odd that their mere existence is notable. kashimashi: girl meets girl A great example is an unusual style mix that leads to a great anime.

kashimashi: girl meets girl Based on the manga written by Satoru Akahori and illustrated by Yukimaru Katsura. The story began in the pages dengeki dioho proved popular enough to receive an anime adaptation in 2004 and produced by Studio Hibari and directed by Nobuki Nakanishi (Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer) in 2006.

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Plot of kashimashi: girl meets girl

kashimashi: girl meets girl Hajumu follows a high school boy named Osaragi, who is unlucky in love and not as comfortable as he’d like. One day Hazumu reveals his feelings to his crush, Yasuna Kamizumi. However, she rejected him, and the troubled young boy went to the top of a mountain to calm down. At the climax, Hazumu wishes for a falling star, hoping it will change his luck and help him find love. Instead a UFO crashes on top of him, killing him instantly.

Hitoshi Sora, the alien on the ship, is troubled by this accident and resurrects Hajumu. However, he accidentally alters Hajumu’s DNA and turns her into a girl. Not sure what to do with this new body, Hazumu returns to school – only to find that Yasuna is now in love with him. This is because, unbeknownst to Hajumu, she had a condition that alters her perception of men; She perceives them as a rather strange gray haze of people. To make it more confusing, many of Hazumu’s peers fall in love with the new woman, Hazumu, forcing him to navigate many new social dynamics.

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Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl The best blend of yuri and science-fiction

kashimashi: girl meets girl At its core is a yuri (girls love) show. The main focus of its super-engaging plot is the love triangle between Hazumu, Yasuna, and another member of their friend group. Although this triangle adds a male to the line, the character is always presented as an outsider and is not constructed as one of Hazumu’s logical choices. Much of the drama comes from the protagonist and his friends, who have to adapt and handle their newfound feelings arising from Hazumu’s female form. Perceiving new feelings is a common theme within yuri fiction, making it a slightly different take on the typical self-discovery story.

However, it’s paired with a gripping sci-fi B-plot. Alien Hitoshi Sora does not disappear after Hajumu is brought back from the dead; Rather, they hang around and act as core members of the cast until the very end. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Hitoshi is a cultural anthropologist who came to Earth to study humans and learn about emotions; His people abandoned him long ago, and this has created problems for his society. It adds a fascinating twist to the story as it gives the audience a unique view of the chaos caused by Hajumu’s new look. Hitoshi struggles to understand why things are going as they are because of his emotional shortcomings and lack of experience with humans.

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While Yuri and Sci-Fi are quite different, kashimashi Connects them through a common aspect that ties them together surprisingly well. The story of Hitoshi, Hazumu and Yasuna all revolve around understanding new feelings and learning about themselves and their place in the world. Each character is forced to navigate new emotions and how their self-image can change their feelings – whether their self-image has changed, whether it is from their transformed body, a visual disability or ( In Hitoshi’s case) the past judgment of their ancestors.

Importantly, kashimashi: girl meets girl Never gets lost in its gimmicks or treats its emotional beats as a thought, making the story both heartfelt and real. Anyone who has ever struggled with their identity will likely find many touching and relatable moments in it. kashimashi: girl meets girl, This means that the story seems overly cohesive, despite mixing two generally different genres.

It’s rare to see an anime that mixes yuri and sci-fi fiction together, but kashimashi: girl meets girl Pulls it off flawlessly. While the two modes are quite different, kashimashi Combines them with a relatable emotional core that, despite the awkwardness, still makes it a lot of fun today. This is the perfect series for anime fans who want some heartwarming romance that steps outside the usual format.


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