Garo Godly New Transformation In One Punch Man

One-Punch Man Chapter 162, “Hateful Fists That Wrong the Gods” Garo just might have reached the peak of his power.

An unusual phenomenon occurred in One Punch Man. This caused confusion among many readers. Chapter 162 was first published some weeks ago. However, it has received a second publication. Garo gets a very interesting power-up in the newest chapter.

The match between Garo and Saitama was growing in intensity. Garo changed a few times but his strength was never enough and Saitama continued to fight him with nonchalance. ridiculed the Hero Hunter from time to time, much to the fury of the former. The Hero Hunter was not able to match Garo’s Bald Cape, and Garo may have just reached the height of his power.

Garo Transformation In One Punch Man

Garo tried every trick he could, and he extended two arms to send a barrage against Saitama. But the latter managed to avoid every attack. He was shocked to see Saitama only using one hand. But he didn’t lose his anger. However, he lost his determination after he remembered the multitude of civilians who thanked him. Saitama was dealt a single blow by the Hero Hunter, who tried his best but failed. Saitama eventually defeated him with his Consecutive Normal Punches.

Saitama punched Garo from his demonic shell and a voice called to the Hero Hunter. Then, two huge cloud formations appeared and then a pair of colossal footprints stepped onto Earth. Surprisingly, Saitama and the other heroes couldn’t see anything except two strange thunder clouds. The voice continued to converse avec Garo. Bang’s silhouette appeared and offered help to the fallen villain when he asked about the voice’s identity. Garo accepted the extended arm, believing it was his former master. This enabled him to transform into Cosmic Fear Mode.

Garo Transformation In One Punch Man

The sudden change will confuse One Punch Man manga readers. Chapter 162 was the last version that showed the conclusion of Garo’s and Saitama’s fight. In the previous version, Saitama became bored with Garo’s antics and forced him to sit down for what looked like a heart-to-heart conversation after realizing his weaknesses. However, the redrawn version shows Garo receiving assistance from God. He is given yet another transformation that will no doubt increase his combat prowess.

Garo is not a stranger to power-ups and transformations. He has already transformed multiple times in his fight against Saitama. However, his latest transformation is different from any of his others. It is safe to say that he is now much more powerful than his former self, as God has increased his abilities. Now, the question is whether this new form will make him a real threat to the One Punch Man.


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