FF square off against Kenzu

The following contains spoilers for Episode 17 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2 “Enter the Drake Dream,” now streaming on Netflix.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 2 is a supernatural crime and action anime available to stream on Netflix. Joline Kujoh suffers great losses during the last episode in perhaps the most brutal fight the series has ever seen, and her condition only worsens in episode 17, “Enter the Drake Dream”. With more stand user assassins within the Ultra House security unit, it appears he is out of luck. Luckily, her allies FF and Narciso Anatasia arrive just in time to take the battle’s burden off her shoulders and fight in her place.

Similarly, in the first two episodes of Part 2, a secondary character is given a chance to shine. FF has been a comical side character for the Jolin, Ermes Costello, and FF trio for some time, and she is eventually given a real life-or-death fight in the series to prove her claim that she is Joline’s. Will do whatever it takes to protect. While the confrontation doesn’t carry the emotional weight that Ermes carried in it Revenge Against Sports MaximumHow far she has gone against her foe Kenzo and her stand, Drake’s Dream, makes for a nail-biting fight.

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Unlike stand users, FF’s capabilities are basic in their use and execution. She has the ability to manipulate water to heal the wounds of her teammates, but she relies on her finger gun as her major offensive ability, occasionally throwing in some close combat martial arts. Her mind also doesn’t analyze a fight the way Jolyn does; FF is far more straightforward and aggressive, succumbing to pressure when he lacks understanding of his enemies’ abilities. In fact, it’s a nice variation in the hero’s combat abilities due to experience. He is straightforward and aggressive, analyzing his enemy’s abilities except for Anatasia, who remains the observer of the battle.

There are two changes in the series dynamic that can be easily seen during this episode. The series seems to lean more towards action and war than the crime-mystery element with which it originated. it was an interesting change JoJo The series focuses on uncovering plans and plots in a closed space, adding to the thriller atmosphere, but as the series progresses and mysteries begin to be unraveled, it is only natural that the action will increase dramatically. At this point in the story, Father Enrico Pucci is fully aware of how dangerous Jolin is and is throwing all his might at her. It is one step away from revealing itself and facing it personally.

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The comedy aspect of the series has also made a comeback. The last few episodes were either emotionally heavy with messages of his loss and revenge or unforgiving in his depiction of war. With the introduction of Kenzo, who is actually quite a hilarious character in his mannerisms and personality, the dry humor re-emerges both intentionally and unintentionally. One particular moment that could turn out to be unintentionally hilarious is when Jolie is contemplating how many stand users are in the security unit and how much of a threat she really is. A moment later, Kenzo explains that there are four stand users who were sent to punishment warded by Pale Snake to kill him—the game literally kicks off right after Jolin’s terrified internal monologue.

Drake’s Dream is both a powerful and ridiculous stand ability that relies on the concept of luck to get the upper hand, but feng shui master Kenzo uses it to completely dominate FF. The far more experienced Warriors and Jolin are unable to do anything to help him. Of course, in true anime fashion, this is likely to be distorted in the next episode, with FF making a dramatic return to the fight. however, jojo’s bizarre adventure is anything but a standard anime adventure.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2 can be streamed via Netflix, with all 12 episodes available to watch.


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