Everything to know about the Seinen anime ahead of its fall premiere

autumn 2022 Bochi the Rock! Mangaka is the anime adaptation of the ongoing 4-coma comedy slice-of-life manga series of the same name by Aki Hamaji. The series is produced by the studio clover workwhich has produced several popular anime including my dress up darling, Rascal Bunny Girl Doesn’t Dream Of Senpai, Hormiya, the promised neverlandAnd spy x family (co-produced with Witt Studios).

whereas Bochi the Rock! While not a mainstream title, Japanese rock has a lot to offer to musicians and fans. Bochi the Rock! Might actually be the hidden gem of this upcoming fall season. here’s everything to know Bochi the Rock! before its premiere.

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What is Bocchi the Rock! about?

Bochi the Rock! The series follows Hitori Goto, the lone lead girl, who has low social skills and self-esteem, yet is exceptionally talented with the guitar. She dreams of one day making friends and being in a band, but due to a lack of self-esteem and the initiative to meet other people, she graduates from middle school without making a single friend.

title Bochi the Rock! There is a play named after him, because “bochi” is a shortened form of “hitori-bochi” which in Japanese means alone. Hitori meets drummer, Nijika Ijichi, who invites him to join his band, the Keisoku Band, and from there begins his musical career and rise to fame.

The Kesoku band has previously made an appearance in the anime Slice-of-Life Fish. slow loop, Produced by Studio Connect. During the anime the band plays at a school festival.

Whether the two worlds are connected is unknown. The most likely reason for this crossover is that both original manga series were serialized in the popular Sennen magazine, manga time rentWhich mainly consists of 4-Koma manga series, such as K-on.

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Bochi the Rock! Featuring four high school students who share the same surname and play the same instruments as four members of one of the most popular Japanese rock bands in the world, Asian Kung-Fu Generation,

The group is famous among anime fans for producing Haruka Kanata and Rewrite’s opening songs. Naruto And full Metal Alchemistrespectively.

The manga contains many references to J-Rock Band and the musical anime K-On.

On top of the main characters being based on band members of the Asian kung-fu generation, the series also includes many references to popular J-rock bands and musical anime such as on Kashmir,

Some of the bands that have been parodied include Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Kana-Boon and The Pillars. These references are subtle and are left for fans to figure out for themselves.

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Bochi the Rock! Features a star-studded voice cast

military drama anime fans 86Glad to know that the Japanese voice actresses who provided voices for the characters, Vladilena Milij and Kurena Kucumila, played the two main characters. Bochi the Rock!

Ikumi Hasegawa (Vladilena Milize, 86) voiced Ikuyo Kita, who is the vocalist and also a guitarist for the band. While Sayumi Suzushiro (Kurena Kukumila, 86) voiced the band’s drummer Nijika Ijichi. Yoshino Aoyama, who voices Hitori Goto, also had a small role in the anime. 86,

Production staff includes exceptionally talented animators

most interesting thing about Bochi the Rock! It is that the production staff is made up of talented animators who have worked on some of the most beautifully engaging anime episodes, which is actually quite typical of Cloverworks production quality.

operator Bochi the Rock! Keichiro Saitou is (Sonny Boy, Episode Director, Animation Director, Key Animation), Assistant Director is Yusuke Yamamoto (Wonder Egg Priority), live director Yusuke Kawakami (Wonder Egg Priority, Fate/Grand Order The Movie Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot), and the darkest name on the list is Yuko Ito (My Hero Academia!, Vineland Saga, Key Animation) who will act as the live animator.

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What viewers should expect from Bocchi the Rock!

While the manga series is largely comical and feels like a typical school slice of life about music and playing in bands, Cloverworks is known for engaging, large-scale productions such as Wonder Egg Priority And the promised neverland, Although not as popular as the other shows they have worked on, Cloverworks has also produced anime with school and musical genres in the past such as his blue sky And akebi sailor uniform, Viewers can largely expect a high-quality series produced by experienced anime professionals that combines similar themes. Watamote, Space Beyond the Universe, and Love Live in one — Bochi the Rock!

It has been confirmed that the opening song of the series will be “Seishun Complex”, performed by four voice actresses, under a group called Cosmos Band, Keisoku Band with the same name. Bochi the Rock! The manga series currently has 4 volumes published and is ongoing, which means there is the potential for several seasons for an anime adaptation. Bochi the Rock! At the moment, it is unknown how many episodes the series will have, however, viewers can expect the slice-of-life comedy to premiere on October 8, 2022. Bochi the Rock! are anime fans on Kashmir, love liveAnd J-Rock doesn’t want to miss.


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