Ermes Costello’s Triumph Breaks the Standard Revenge Story

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2 Ermes Costello’s backstory is explored in episodes 13 and 14, which reveal the tragic murder of his sister Gloria at the hands of the criminal Sports Maximum. This plot point explained the motivations behind Ermes’s intended captivity, so that he could be traced, pursued, and ultimately, revenge. The secondary character was without a sense of urgency since her introduction, playing Jolyn Kujoh’s friend in prison and supporting Joline in her attempt against Pale Snake. While the story of Revenge was brief in its introduction and execution, it gave Ermes a larger and more interesting role. stone oceanthe overall story.

However, there are often deeper messages that producers want to convey to their audience. The concept of revenge has been repeated a thousand times in the media; Sometimes it’s a plot point within a larger narrative, like stone oceanAnd sometimes it can be the entire focus of the story, such as Guts’ journey to confront his former comrade Griffith. fearless, More often than not, the tale of revenge is full of immoral acts and a deep path for one to take. They are eventually freed from their purpose of narrow-mindedness and are forced to feel a constant cycle of revenge, or how going down the path can radically change them on the inside. However, the impression given in stone ocean Quite different.

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One of the most famous revenge narratives in anime is Roy Mustang’s obsession with hunting down Mass Hughes’ killer. full Metal Alchemist, Upon the death of his best friend, the victim slowly replaces Roy throughout the story; Once he finally comes into contact with Jealous, the killer, he becomes enraged and bloodthirsty, wanting not only to kill Jealousy but to make him suffer for as long as possible.

This profound change of characterization is as obvious to the audience as it is to the characters, intervening between Riza Hawkeye, Edward Elrich, and Scar before she can deliver the killing blow. With the support of his friends, Roy is saved before crossing that last line.

In stone oceanJolene, on the other hand, doesn’t encourage or discourage Ermes’ retaliation, but instead focuses on the bigger picture of her objective to escape and defeat Pale Snake. While he is concerned for his friend’s safety, it is not because of the internal change that Sports Maximum will cause to be killed, but for the physical health of Ermes. Perhaps Jolin’s own mission—which has elements of revenge against the Pale Snake that she did with Jotaro Kujo—distorts the dangers of such a path.

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Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager and Lose Everything

Another staple of revenge tales in anime lately is Eren Yeager’s plan of genocide against the world. attack on Titan To the sorrow of the Aldean people and the death of his mother Carla. Eren wanted to make those responsible for his pain suffer, but he also knew that the cycle of revenge would be constant – as it always was – until he made a big impact in his carnage. With this in mind, Eren decides to wipe out most of humanity so that the option of revenge against the island of Paradis is limited, or even completely eliminated. His vengeance cost him his humanity, the many people he cared deeply for, and his own life.

jojo’s bizarre adventureKay Ermes didn’t have grandiose dreams of crushing the cycle of revenge like Eren did, but she was obsessed with paying someone off. Sport Maximum’s death was an absolute necessity, even if it cost his own life. While the magnitude of the events obviously varies in scale, it can be seen that Ermes lost nothing while achieving his goal.

In fact, her flexibility in defeating her enemy greatly advances the plot by allowing Jolin to obtain a Sports Maximum memory disc and provide insight into Pale Snake’s plan. If Ermes had taken the high road and backtracked at what seemed wisest rather than recklessly throwing herself into the fire, Jolie would have been left at a significant disadvantage.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Ermes Costello and the Subversion

Does this train of thought imply that Ermes’ revenge narrative was actually a side note to self-sacrifice? Not completely. Ermes was not intentionally putting himself in harm’s way so as to achieve a noble goal against stone oceanis the main antagonist. While it is debatable whether her mission was purely selfish, one can speculate that the murder victim would not want their loved one to be hurt or killed in an attempt to avenge – even more so than the character Gloria’s. with effect. Nevertheless, upon the death of Sports Maximum, Gloria’s ‘soul’ floats on the Arms, offering the imagination of a soul finally able to rest.

story of revenge Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean presents a different perspective. What Ermes did was not only justified, it was the right decision for his own development, plot progress, and being morally sound. She got a few injuries, but she’ll be fine, because it takes a lot longer than a few zombie bites to knock her down JoJo Character. There are no lasting consequences for her obsession with revenge, her motivation being tied to vengeance rather than being a reliable ally in Jolie’s fight against the Yellow Snake.

This subversion is arguably a fresh take on the classic revenge trope of anime, although it can also be considered unreal; That particular trope was not created for fictional purposes, but it is a real-world lesson that has been experienced throughout human history.


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