‘Edrunners’ in Cyberpunk Anime, Explained

cyberpunk is a role-playing game franchise by Mike Pondsmith that has spawned a series of tabletop games, such as the popular video game cyberpunk 2077 and an anime series, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Set in the fictional Night City, players assume different roles while playing as different characters on missions. many of the famous roles in cyberpunk The universe includes Corporate, Cop, Fixer, Rockerboy, Media, Mercenary, Netrunner, Nomad, Solo (Hitman) and Takei.

While many roles cyberpunk Much like corporate, coop and techie are self-explanatory, some are less obvious, and others are not what they sound like. A fixer, for example, is not a mechanic or someone who does any type of repair work. They are, instead, a fencer – someone who hires mercenaries to work for high-paying clients that are often illegal in nature. Fixers are often the “middlemen” between mercenaries and customers. Similarly, in a hire cyberpunk The universe doesn’t necessarily have to be a man hired to murder people; They can do any work the customer needs. Mercenaries also often work in teams.

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Edgerunner in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is a cross between three different roles

as a love letter to cyberpunk franchise, examples of the different roles the players assume are shown throughout Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime, but only one has been primarily explored: a new role known as “Ezrunners”. While the anime does not define nor clarify what an “edgerunner” is, it blurs the line between three popular roles in an Edgerunner franchise, leading a main cast of characters based on lifestyle: nomads. , Netrunner and Hire.

like traditional mercenaries in cyberpunk Edgerunners are hired by fixers to perform various tasks, but are often chosen for their ability to hack computer systems and steal information from databases. This aspect of the edgerunner lifestyle makes them similar to netrunners – hackers who specialize in browsing the Internet for data systems that contain valuable information that they can sell to fixers. Netrunners are often equipped with brain-computer interface implants that allow them to run applications that are not available to regular Internet users. These implants are what allow Netrunners to download and steal information.

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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ David Martinez fills a more traditional mercenary role

The third aspect of being an edgerunner is working in teams and spending a lot of time traveling on the road. This eventually equates edgerunners to nomads – people who were previously employed and have since joined street families or motor gangs. Like traditional families, nomads are loyal to their group and have each other’s backs. They never leave any member of their group behind and always come to the aid of anyone in trouble. main cast of characters Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Each of these fulfills a role.

The team, originally led by an edgerunner named Maine, consists of two netrunners named Kiwi and Lucy, who are tasked with hacking into the computer systems of megacorporations such as Arasaka Corporation and Militec. Also on Maine’s team are a techie named Pilar and her trigger-happy sister, Rebecca, who is happy to murder people. As a technical expert, Pilar specializes in manufacturing, repairing and modifying hardware, specifically cybernetic implants. Maine also has a stampede driver named Falco.

Although he describes himself as an edgerunner, Maine behaves like a traditional mercenary in that he is often hired by a fixer named Faraday to perform various tasks for high-paying clients. Maine’s mate Dorio also behaves like a mercenary as his second-in-command and latest recruit, David Martinez, starts out as a muscleman before climbing the ranks within the team. After Maine and Dorio die, David becomes the new leader of the team and takes on the role of a more traditional mercenary.


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