Dragon Ball Z’s Garlic Junior Saga Is Infamous

The Garlic Junior Saga is infamous for being a long, pointless filler arc, but it has a few qualities that make it good and worth rewatching.

Many people don’t look back Dragon Ball Z’s With love from Garlic Junior Saga. They will accuse it of being a dull, pointless filler arc that can easily be skipped. There may be some truth to it, but it can also be overly critical.

In recent years, more DBZ Fans Are Coming Out Saying They Were Fine With The Garlic Junior Saga And Even Liked This. The story may not reach the same level of material taken from Akira Toriyama’s original. Dragon Ball manga, but it is not without merit. In defense of the Garlic Junior Saga, here are a few things it managed to do well.

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An important feature of this arc is that it allowed characters other than Goku and Vegeta to shine. This arc takes place in the year that Goku spent in outer space defeating Frieza; At that time Vegeta was looking for stars. in most arcs of DBZ Up until this point, Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo were expected to buy time until one of these two Saiyans could swoop in to defeat the bad guy. With these two out of the picture, they had a chance to show how well they can hold themselves in a fight.

Even Kami was part of the action. He was responsible for finding the holy water and using it to heal the earth. In canon storytelling, Kami fell out of relevance as a character as the story progressed. This arc gave him one last chance to do something before merging back into Piccolo.

For characters who aren’t Goku and Vegeta, this opportunity only becomes more relevant with the continuation of the franchise. The issue of only being able to deal with the larger threats of Goku and Vegeta has only gotten complicated over time. Thus, this instance of other characters fighting the main villain has become an invaluable rarity in the series. it’s almost like Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero There was a thing decades before that movie.

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Another great feature of the Garlic Junior saga is how it ties together the character’s personal stories. While Vegeta is not on Earth at the time, she is shown scouring the galaxy for Goku and trashing Frieza’s remaining soldiers. Krillin’s relationship with Maron can be said to have served as a precursor to his relationship with Android 18; Mistakes made with Maron helped him become a better lover. These additions to the story and its characters’ arc are prime examples of how to get the filler right.

The series also manages to capture some old school Dragon Ball To experience. DBZ Got into the habit of making up stories about intense, energy-blasting battles with a more serious tone. The arc listens to light-hearted humor and battles centered around martial arts that were the core of the original. Dragon Ball Known for anime. In this respect, the Garlic Junior Saga is important as a break of sorts. DBZ’s hardcore action.

In the past, the Garlic Junior saga was seen as a waste of time while fans eagerly waited for the story to continue. Now, however, it can be justifiably applauded for the job well done. people can feel free to watch it To waste that time.


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