Dragon Ball Z and Transformers both got notoriously hilarious dubs

dragon ball gWorldwide popularity has led to the series and its films being dubbed into various languages. This has resulted in what many consider to be one of the worst dubs ever: Speedy Dubs. This hilarious bad dub was given to the series in Malaysia, named after Speedy Video Distributors.

Another “Malaysian” company did the same for the more forgotten transformer Generation 1 anime, with its dub as a whole, infuses character and story elements alike. Worst of all, this dubious dub is the only one of its kind for those shows, making them the only way to watch them in English. Here’s How Anime Dubbing Amateur Hour Ruined Both dragon ball g And transformer,

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Speedy Video Distributors Turn Dragon Ball Z Movies into Jokes

Speedy video distributors had their own dubs of the early Dragon Ball movies and many more dragon ball g Movies. Unfortunately, the company’s actors were a little less than professional, so to speak, as the dubs were filled with terrible voice acting and editing. This stemmed from the limited pool of talent with many actors voicing many characters, though not with particularly distinct voices.

The voice acting was not the only problem, however, as the names and elements of the story were mangled through poor or literal translations. The Sai and the Namaki were referred to as the Saiya People and the Namek People, both based on literal Japanese names. Son Goku became “Sangoku”, while Vejita, Goten and Oolong were Bejita, Pako and Uron. Yajirob was called Yazaraki for some reason, while Mr. Popo’s derogatory new name was Poo Poo.

this special dub of Dragon Ball Z: BoJack Unbound Goku was called Gohan in the movie and vice versa, making things even more confusing. This was continued in the second Broly film, where Videl was strangely referred to as Kami. With movies absolutely butchered for such a classic anime, it’s little surprise that the three more enigmatic anime’s similar handling was even worse.

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Omni Productions rolls out the worst Transformers voice acting ever

While Speedy Video Productions handled the poor dragon ball g Dubbed the film, Transformers received their guttural beatdown through Omni Productions. Although the company was based in Hong Kong, it is mistakenly seen as a Malaysian dub, also due to being heard on Malaysian TV channel RTM1. Omni Productions dubbed three anime Transformers: Headmaster, Transformers: Super-God Masterforce And Transformers: Vijay, Ironically, they’ll also dub the live-action Dragon Ball Thin layer, Dragon Ball: The Magic Beginsin which Galvatron’s “iconic” voice actor supplied the vocals as a stand-in for the original. Dragon Ball Villain Emperor Pilaf.

Like Speedy’s work, Omni Productions’ dub was handled by an actual skeleton crew who barely understood roughly translated material. The character names were clearly incorrect, as Trainbot combiner Raiden is called Grimlock – despite it being the name of the Dinobot leader. Hot Rod was referred to as Rodimus Prime (mispronounced “Rod-ismus”) even without the Matrix, with the new Decepticon Sixshot being called “Ninja Advisor” rather than Ninja Commander. was worse at naming masterforce, where the characters had the names of their American toy counterparts. The most prominent of these was the Japanese truck driver Ginrai, dubbed Optimus Prime in the dub.

Sadly these are the only English versions of the dubbed Generation 1 transformer anime. When the show was officially released in the West by Shout Factory, the collection did not include the Omni Production dub. This was due to Hasbro questioning their questionable quality, thus relying on subtitles to complete the story. It easily had some of the worst voice-acting for “Grace”. transformer suffrage, and that’s exactly what was done for it too dragon ball g,


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