Dragon Ball Heroes Announces the Air Date for the Upcoming Episode

There have been many recent events in the world of Dragon Ball, including the crossover of the Shonen franchise with the video game Fortnite, the horrifying manga debut of Black Frieza, and the success of the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. However, more information about the spin-off program Super Dragon Ball Heroes and the release date for the following Ultra God Mission episode has come to light.

The previous Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode was a significant one, delving into the history of the darker Future Gohan who has teamed up with the villainous Kaioshin in charge of the Tournament of Space and Time. This alternate Gohan from the future, who lost his version of Trunks and Bulma while fighting against Androids 17 and 18, is trying to wish upon a set of dragon balls in order to bring them back from the dead. Future Gohan was given a power-up by the primary antagonist of the story arc, enabling him to engage Super Saiyan God Trunks in a bloody duel. There are more chances for fan service battles to occur while the Ultra God Mission is still ongoing.

The fourth episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes will air on September 1st, and the current title has also been made known as “The Warrior in Black versus Goku To each their own battle! “, making a suggestion that Son will compete in the Tournament of Space and Time against an unknown newcomer.

A group of “Warriors in Black,” fighters from many timelines who resemble Gohan, Piccolo, and other enigmatic adversaries, has been assembled by the Rogue Kaioshin who is to blame for the difficult times the Z-Fighters and the Time Patrol are now going through. With battles and characters who would probably never appear in the main series, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is able to satisfy the itch of many anime fans.


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