Digimon Ghost game’s horror episode holds an important modern-day lesson

The following article contains spoilers for Digimon Ghost Game Episode 43, “Red Eye,” which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Although most episodes end peacefully, Digimon Ghost Game has added Digimon with unexpected folkloric roots throughout the series’ run, including many truly creepy and disturbing creatures and supernatural legends. whereas ghost games In the past involving body horror, episode 43 “Red Eye” features some of the series’ most gruesome transformations.

In this episode, a Digimon named Aizamon shows many red eyes on the bodies of his victims, and he uses these eyes to gain more information and rise in power. Aisemon’s folklore roots in ykai tales show how . author of ghost games An old folktale adapted in a more gruesome way to present a parable about information theft in the modern technological age.

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Digimon Ghost Game’s Isemon Parallel to the Legendary Yokai Dodomeki

In the “Hiro’s Study Files” section of the episode, Ruli Tsukiyono revealed that Aisemon had similarities to Yokai Dodomeki. Writer Toriyama Seiken listed several yokai legends in an 18th-century four-volume encyclopedia, describing that the dodomeki was a long-armed young female thief who was convicted of her crimes by the presence of a hundred birds’ eyes on her arms. was punished. As explained by Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt Japandemonium Illustrated: The Yokai Encyclopedias of Toriyama Sekien“bird’s eye-chomoku– was slang for money in the era of the Sekien, as copper coins were minted with a hole in their centres.” Therefore, the additional birds’ eyes were intrinsically related to the crime of theft of the dodomecki.

Contrary to legend, the hosts of Aizemon were not exclusively women, but the episode still makes use of eye diffusion, the desire of Aismemon’s hosts to “steal” information from those around them for their own benefit and gain. to represent. Some victims may initially be asking for information for a good reason. For example, the first victim shown on the screen was a woman determined to find out if another programmer was actually spreading a computer virus. Still, under the influence of Aismone, she focused on looking at each programmer’s history to determine whether they were committing cybercrime, regardless of their crime.

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However, many hosts were attempting to gather information for less noble reasons. Emma Hanes, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai’s frenemy and love interest, apparently traveled to Japan because she wanted to find out what he was hiding from her. She had already uncovered the secret magazine of Kiyoshiro’s stories about herself as the protagonist online, and Kiyoshiro’s assumption was that she wanted to release more secrets from him. Another host wanted to get information about celebrities to increase their public profile. Most chillingly, one of the hosts, a police officer, was using his spare eyes to spy on a young woman for unknown reasons. Eyesmon heightens the desire of its hosts for information, turning it into more dangerous invasions of secrecy to show how humanity can be its own worst enemy.

While Dodomecki only gazed at his arms, Digimon Ghost Game, Eyesmon’s hosts instead got extra eyes all over his body, making his transformation far more gruesome. When Emma Hanes was chosen by Aizamon, the episode featured her taking out her eyes and replacing them with a pair of her reds, albeit in a bloodless fashion. As the hosts of Aizamon learned more, more eyes appeared. Eventually, the extra eyes began to detach from the body, causing their hosts to crumble. thus, Digimon Ghost Game Dodomecki’s transformation to a more extreme, making it all the more dangerous for the hosts.

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Episode 43 adopts the Dodomecki legend in a lesson on information theft

Aizamon mainly remained in the shadows throughout episode 43. He also placed his victims in metaphorical shadows, erasing the memories of their eyes when they began to question their presence or worry about the effect of the extra eyes. Once the team forced Aizemon to appear, his actual appearance was more drastic as he is of a darker dragon type. Once defeated, Aisemon is reduced to a small, bird-like creature, powerless without its hosts to feed it much data. The appearance of Aizemon provides an avian connection to the distinctive bird’s-eye origins of Dodomeki Yokai and his additional eyes, even though the episode does not focus on the money aspect of the legend.

Overall, the “Red Eye” provided a strong adaptation of the Dodomeki legend to today’s technology, which focuses on information in the form of actual currency. While Emma has turned over a new leaf and will keep the team’s secrets, the rest of the hosts were left with limited memories of the eyes or the influence of Aismone on their actions.

So, while Eyesmon has been defeated and contained, the conditions for another Eyesmon to flourish still exist due to increased technology and new ways of invading other people’s privacy. Eyesmon showed how ghost games The writers have adapted the old legends to fit the new times throughout the series and will continue to expand on the old legends as the team meets more Digimon in the human world.


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