Digimon Ghost Game Reveals Kiyoshiro’s Past and Shows His Growth

The following article contains spoilers for Digimon Ghost Game Episode 43, “Red Eye,” which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

everywhere Digimon Ghost Game, Kiyoshiro Higashimitaraya’s imagination has been one of his defining characteristics. While his imagination is usually manifested in his fear, he has also been shown to fantasize in the worlds of his favorite anime and manga. With episode 43, ghost games Find out more in Kiyoshiro’s past; While he used to use the world of anime and manga as an escape, Kiyoshiro is now a hero himself who befriends him.

The more joyful side of his fantasy and fantasy is portrayed sporadically. In episode 5 “Divine Anger”, Jellymon reveals that Kiyoshiro was a child prodigy, having already earned a master’s degree at age 13. Thus, he is attending middle school again, but not out of academic necessity; He wanted to experience Japanese school life as seen in his favorite series. They’ve also cast as their favorite fantasy characters, showing that their anime interests aren’t just in slice-of-life tales. The bandages that Kiyoshiro wears on his arm throughout the series may have stemmed from an actual injury, but Jellymon suggests that they are simply another aspect of Kiyoshiro’s cosplay and escape into the fictional world.

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Kiyoshiro’s active imagination is directly tied to his talent.

While Jellymon initially believed that Kiyoshiro’s fantasy was the main reason for his return to Japan, episode 43 ghost games Another possible reason revealed. While he was studying abroad, Kiyoshiro became friend or foe with Emma Hanes, a goofy girl with a desire for secrets. Emma found Kiyoshiro’s secret diary where she wrote about her fictional adventures as a hero, and published it online. Kiyoshiro’s embarrassment at this revelation may have prompted him to return to Japan.

However, despite this past humiliation on his secret fandom, Kiyoshiro’s imagination is directly tied to his talent. Because he is so clever, he is able to easily imagine all kinds of possibilities for any given scenario. at the beginning of Digimon Ghost Game, this ability usually manifests itself in being easily frightened by the possibilities of disaster. Whenever Kiyoshiro has been overwhelmed by data in the past, he has entered an “integer overflow” state. After this situation, he usually reaches a “limit break”, where he lets go of his fear in order to find a solution. As the series progresses, Kiyoshiro learns to face his fears and counts on helping to save the day, only to fall into an “integer overflow” situation under the most dire of circumstances.

Kiyoshiro’s growth doesn’t mean leaving his imagination behind; He still enjoys anime and manga the same way as before. Instead, he has learned to channel his creativity into real applications. For example, in episode 18 “The Land of Children”, Kiyoshiro cosplays as his favorite character. magic detective elf To help solve a mystery. In episode 29, “Monster Parag,” a young girl named Yuna mistook Kiyoshiro for an academic genius from anime. academic buster, Even though he hadn’t seen this anime yet, Kiyoshiro used the role to keep Yuna calm despite his separation from his mother, while Kudokugumon wreaks havoc on a mall.

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The Real Reason Emma Wanted More Information on Kiyoshiro

when ghost games The team, mostly jellymons, can occasionally tease her lightly about their fandom when, for the most part, they accept her for who she is. Gammamon also happily watches Kiyoshiro’s anime with him, giving him more community than before. By the end of episode 43, Emma also revealed that her desire for more information about Kiyoshiro was not due to a plan to humiliate her; Rather, she wanted to know his secrets because she liked him.

While a crush doesn’t justify her past actions, Emma’s own arc showed that she’s now become more willing to keep secrets, especially important ones. Since Kiyoshiro seemed ready to take away Emma’s humiliation, his community must have grown even more.

Overall, “Red Eye” showed how far Kiyoshiro has come since returning to Japan and becoming a member of Digimon Ghost Game crew. Because of the friendship he makes, Kiyoshiro has actually become the hero of his own story, no secret journal needed. While the show occasionally uses them in the anime and manga genres to make gentle pranks, Digimon Ghost Game Ultimately shows how imagination and stories can be used to help children find their own strength and agency in their stories.


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