Death of the Vampire in No Time Is the Perfect Anime for Halloween

For anime fans searching for the perfect show to fill their Halloween watchlist, look no further than The Vampire Dies in No Time from studio MADHOUSE.

October is fast approaching, and with it, there is a need to indulge in the scary and the terrifying. While there are plenty of horror series to enjoy during this season, such as Junji Ito’s endless list of works, or horror anime classics like Higurashi: When They CryOther supernatural anime and manga deserve a spot on the anime fan’s Halloween watchlist.

For anime fans not eager to stay in horror throughout the Halloween season, there’s a series that ticks all the boxes of the perfect horror series that positions itself as a slice-of-life comedy. . Vampire dies in no timeA supernatural comedy that follows the daily lives of a Vampire Lord and a Vampire Hunter, is the perfect comedy anime to enjoy this Halloween. RELATED: A Place Where There Are Moths Is a Terrifying Depiction of Life in Japanese Cities

The opposite attracts in Vampire dies in no time

Considering himself as an absurd, “odd-couple” comedy, Itaru Bonoki Vampire dies in no time Follows the daily life of Dreluk, a gentleman vampire who loves video games, and teases his unlikely roommate, Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a world-renowned vampire hunter and author who is constantly running away from his editor.

The two unlikely accomplices meet when Ronaldo is hired to rescue a young boy, who was allegedly kidnapped by Draeluc from the Vampire Lord’s manor. Despite rumors of Dreluk’s invincibility and unmatched power, Ronaldo quickly learns that Draluk isn’t who he thought he would be – as it turns out, Dreluk is simply “invincible” after being turned to ashes. She has the unique ability to regenerate immediately after. Worse yet, the boy who was accused of taking Dreluk hostage is actually an unruly child who enjoys sneaking into Dreluk’s manor to play with his video game console.

As chaos ensues, Dreluk’s gothic mansion burns down, eventually replacing him with Ronaldo, who reluctantly lets the Vampire Lord be his roommate. Considering how different the two of them are, it’s no surprise that they both become perfect companions.RELATED: Dorohedoro and the Dai Dark: Kyu Hayashida’s Uniquely Dark Take on Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Perfect Casual Anime for Halloween

Vampire dies in no time The perfect series for anime fans who need a palette cleanser this Halloween season, with its episodic story structure and star-studded voice cast with the talented Jun Fukuyama, better known as Lelouch code Geass as Draluk and Makoto Furukawa, best known for his role as Miyuki Shirogane Kaguya-sama! love is war Playing the role of Ronaldo makes this series an engrossingly entertaining comedy that won’t require the audience to invest a lot in order to have a good time.

Aided by studio MADHOUSE’s engaging visual flair, the anime adaptation of Bonoki’s original manga is an infectious romp best suited to fans of cool comedy series such as konosuba And The disastrous life of Saiki Koo, Also, there is no better time to invest in a comedy series, because Vampire dies in no time Its second season will start from January 2023.

Vampire Dies in No Time is currently available on Funimation and Amazon Prime Video.


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