David Martinez of Edgerunners Similarities 2077’s V

cyberpunk 2077 is a video game set in a dystopian future blade Runner, Taking place in the fictional Californian setting of Night City, cyberpunk 2077 The story follows a 27-year-old protagonist named V who moves to a crime-ridden city to start a new life. As gamers play as V, the character can be customized to be male or female and take one of three life paths: Nomad, Streetkid or Corporate.

Given the versatility of V’s character, it would have been difficult to adapt them to Cyberpunk: Edgerunners The anime will take away from the novelty of the character as a decision on gender and life path for V. While this means he doesn’t appear in the anime – not even in a cameo capacity – the show introduces a new main character who essentially serves as the V of the story, and that’s David Martinez. Although not a direct replica of Story of David V, there are enough similarities between the two protagonists to give viewers a similar experience to its original video game.

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How Edgerunners’ David Martinez and 2077 Became V Mercenaries

David has a resemblance to V, which is why he goes to the Night City. While still a teenager, his mother decides to move him to a dangerous California city because the Arasaka Corporation along with Arasaka Academy is located there. Since David’s mother is raising him as a single parent, they are a working class family. He argues that if his son attends the academy, he can become a corporate and work directly for the megacorporation, effectively lifting him out of a life of poverty. This is similar to one of V’s life paths in the game, where, before becoming an Arasaka Corporation employee, he was trained to specialize in intelligence networks. The only difference is that this version of V grew up in a wealthy family.

Another similarity between David and V is the life circumstances that eventually lead them to become a mercenary, or more specifically in David’s case, an edgerunner. Although all of Vee’s life path eventually leads her to meet a mercenary named Jackie Wells, only in the itinerant life she meets Jackie by chance without any prior relationship. The same is true of David when he meets Maine, the leader of an Edgerunner team. Before meeting Maine, David and his mother were involved in a fatal car accident that resulted in the latter’s death. Without his mother’s income to support her, David dropped out of school and briefly became a streetkid. While on a monorail ride, he meets Lucy, who introduces him to Maine.

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V and Jackie’s mission in Cyberpunk 2077

Interestingly, the way David meets Men is quite different from V. In nearly all three of V’s life paths, they meet Jackie under more desirable circumstances, and almost always after a life-changing event. After bunking with Jackie for six months, V begins working hired jobs with Jackie and a netrunner named T-Bug. At one point, a fixer named Dexter DeShawn hires Jackie and his team to steal a biochip from the Arasaka Corporation building named “The Relic”, although they have no idea how much valuable data it contains.

The theft goes awry when Jackie and V witness Yorinobu Arasaka killing their CEO father, Saburo, and both Jackie and T-Bug are killed during the mission. The casing of the biochip is similarly damaged and V is forced to install it in his neural network, threatening his own life. In edgerunnersAfter becoming a streetkid, David has no money to pay the rent and grafts a highly powerful prosthetic spine called “The Sandwiston” onto his body, which increases his strength and gives him super speed. Is. This catches Lucy’s attention, which is the real reason she introduces David to Maine, the latter actually wanting a backbone for herself. Eventually, the Maine lets David join his Edgerunner team and becomes a nomad.

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Where the story of David Martinez V. separates from

Once V and David begin the missions in their respective stories, it is believed that their story is different. While V is motivated by a desire to safely remove the biochip from his neural network, David instead aims to augment his body with more cybernetics until there is little of his biological self left. Differences in motivation are informed by how their cybernetic enhancements affect their bodies. In V’s case, The Relic Stole contains the AI ​​of a dead musician named Johnny Silverhand, and the biochip is designed to allow Johnny to grab his host’s body, which V doesn’t want. Conversely, David thinks that continually upgrading his body will give him an advantage in protecting his new family.

Relationships are another factor that varies between Vee and David. After losing Jackie and T-Bug, V joins no other team and instead forms his own network of allies, some of whom he actually sleeps with. David in contrast values ​​family and is loyal to the people he loves, only to pursue a romantic relationship with Lucy.

Unfortunately for the protagonist, they both suffer tragic deaths due to their cybernetic enhancements to their bodies. in the case of V 2077, they either literally die, or figuratively after their bodies are taken over by Johnny Silverhand. in the case of david edgerunnersHe becomes a victim of cyber psychosis and sacrifices his life to save Lucy.


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