Chimera is a fascinating study into ant arc survival

hunter x hunter The Chimera Ant arc begins with a hint of the dangers of the future and before it develops into a full-fledged celebration of existence as humanity tries to eradicate a ruthless force. From the time Gon and Killua land, the sharp ants risk their well being before the moth destroys the voracious ant’s nest. While dealing with smaller chimera ants, the human-sized ant queen quickly begins to build an army to challenge humanity’s chances of survival.

As the queen’s chicks develop, they seek out a richer prey: humans. Togashi does not shy away from the deep underbelly of his world during the Chimera Ant arc as the two children run for their own safety only for consumption and are then reborn as Chimera Ants. Togashi sheds light on these two children, while hundreds more unidentified individuals are kidnapped and eaten in the background.

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The children’s will to survive changes as their human identity is transformed into the new ant identity. Colt and Rina, the two children, become symbols of cross-species existence and relationships as they uncover the innate loyalty of chimera ants with the finest example of humanity’s empathy. Colt and Rina are distracted in their new lives as Colt learns to do his own thing and is separated from humanity. Rina’s human side survived the infection so much that she returned home only to be accepted and remain a peculiar member of human society.

Togashi takes many characters to extremes during this arc that force them to accept and adapt or be eaten by torrential forces. Gon and Killua abandon their gullibility and realize that it will be difficult to survive their current endeavor. Killing the opposition is different from Gon’s previous approaches. Still, it isn’t until he sees the kite fall that he realizes how hard they must fight to win in this dark reality.

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While it is understandable that youth would underestimate this unknown challenge, even seasoned hunters were unprepared to handle such a raw force of nature. Chairman Netero knew what it would take to overcome this enemy, but Nove and Schutt were completely unaware of how scared they would be. While politics may have suffocated the Chimera elimination team, it is still shocking that the small but elite force was unprepared for the worst-case scenario.

As the aura of formidable opposition engulfed him, Nov’s will to fight is gone. With the skill and expertise to execute black-ops-type missions, Nove knows how to handle adversity, but the scale of the threat from Chimera Ants was so grand that it broke him. His run-in with the Aura of the Ant Royal Guard permanently changed his appearance and his entire approach to handling the mission. After that, Nove prioritized his life over being a hero.

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The timid and less experienced Hunter, Shoot’s contrasting reaction to the murderous foe from Nove, is a small but bright character moment in the gloomy arc. Inspired by Gone’s immense bravery, the shoot chose to stand the fight in an astonishingly heroic manner. Togashi gave the shoot an extraordinarily unexpected and impressively capitalizing sequence. While the shoot may have only bothered UP, it made its mark on enemies and allies alike, so whether he lived or died, he would be a hero to survive.

In the Chimera Ant arc, Gon’s influence ripples through several characters as Mellarone becomes terrified and inspired by Gon’s inner beast. Killua’s desire to save Gon from vicious ants and his reckless abandonment. Growing up in a strong sense of selflessness, Killua can let go of her brother’s manipulative tactics and become a truly empathetic person.

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This change in temperament changes Killua’s future as he decides to protect Gon’s life. Further going against his family’s controlling ways, he saves his sister Alluca to save Gon and allow him to live a higher quality of life. Learning to persevere through self-doubt completely changes Killua’s path for the better in life.

Neferpitu’s quick offer of his organs and well-being to preserve Komugi’s life in order to preserve the quality of life of the king is shocking. Gon’s desire to pursue vengeance shattered his will to survive, which cast a demonic aura from the gap of his existence. Pitou, whose playful aggression helped teach Gon mortality, became almost sympathetic when a sad cat-like expression took over his face.

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Defying all odds and sustaining through an oppressive and gruesome youth, Gyro emerged as a symbol of survival and strength for the persuasive and disaffected. While much about Gyro remains a mystery, he was neglected from childhood and rose to be a leader, gathering an army of loyal followers. His will to live is so strong that his personality escapes the ant’s process of reincarnation which keeps him on his path.

Ziro’s infectious desire to persevere also inspires his soldiers in his new chimera ant persona. His campaign to live off and spread the evil that is within him takes Gyro to new heights after being promoted to the power of the Chimera Ant. Gyro’s destiny is grand as he is a defining focal point for many characters and is headed to a destination where he can recruit more lost souls.

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While most of the characters cling to life, the king, Merum, learned that being alive actually means more than living a long life. Netero sealed Meruem’s fate when he chose the survival of the human race to preserve an impressive new creature. In one of the most impressive character arcs, Merume finds an unlikely relationship with the blind and awkward Komugi. This humility teaches Merum that life can be enriched through genuine relationships.

The slow-burning and unpredictable episode of Meruem and Komugi teaches both characters about the hidden joys of life. In a beautiful flirtatious scene, they both calmly accept death as they know their last moments were the best they had ever experienced. This shocking, tragic ending of chimera ant royalty exemplifies the power of brief existence.

The Chimera Ant arc is a bloody massacre of humans and creatures alike. Through this bloodshed, a story of survival unfolds that speaks to the universal needs of choice and connection. hunter x hunter The Chimera Ant arc stages characters for physical and emotional meat grinder rich and cathartic moments.


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