Boruto heals a Konoha crack

one of the most interesting aspects of Boruto A carryover strategy from how new characters are added to anime filler episodes Naruto Era. One such person is Osuka; Someone who had a short, silly rivalry with Naruto’s daughter Himawari. In fact, Osuka turned out to be quite the diva and mean girl who used to bully others at Konoha’s school.

Jealous of how Himawari was recognized as the Hokage’s daughter and celebrity, Boruto’s sister, she only gained attention in Hidden Leaf. However, the series mended this pointless rift after a shocking kidnapping—which revealed a new, sinister threat.

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Himawari and Osuka are kidnapped by a former Konoha ninja

episode 266 of Boruto There were sinister figures kidnapping her and Himawari, targeting Osuka outside the school. When he is taken back to a warehouse, the villains turn out to be Aniki, a former Konoha ninja who dropped out of Shinobi Academy, and his lackeys Oppo and Teru. They really wanted Osuka because of her mother, Hibari, who was part of the sensory team that developed the technology at Hidden Leaf, but was also happy to receive a ransom for Himawari, knowing that Naruto and a worried Hinata were through the roof. will pay from

Himawari made it clear, however, that they would not harm Osuka – despite Osuka’s bad attitude, stick with her byakugan talents for her. It showed the latter what compassion and empathy meant, with further clues revealing how his mother didn’t love him, eroding his behavior. Thankfully, Kawaki arrives and rescues the girls, leaving Osuka grateful for the heroism displayed by Himawari. To top it off, when Hibari arrived, Osuka admitted that she felt her mother didn’t love her because she threw away her pudding.

That’s right – Osuka was a spoiled brat who misunderstood everything from her mom’s job to cleaning up after teen cleaning up. So she starred in school, but thanks to Himawari’s care, she finally opened up to her mother. She and Hibari talked, hugged each other, and right after, Hibari invited Osuka and her friends over for breakfast. It was a heartwarming moment – but it soon turned dark when Aniki was turned away by the police force.

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Boruto episode 266 foreshadows a new mystery villain

Aniki finds some invisible entity subtly saying that they have hired him on a dangerous assignment, not telling him that the Hokage’s daughter will be involved. Aakriti looked up from a tree, cleverly hid, but no one could tell who was under the cloak in the dark. Given that Ishiki fell and Kara was out of commission, this could be the code.

Perhaps it is another Kara member seeking revenge or possibly reforming the group. Given that they wanted intel on the drone being built by Hibari, it looks like they have inside knowledge of Hidden Leaf. future episodes only Boruto This could reveal whether this person is following in the Kara – or Akatsuki – terrorist footsteps.


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