Bonnie pulled off a classic Nico Robin bat-and-switch

The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1060, “Luffy’s Dream” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English from Viz Media.

Chapter of 1060 one piece, “Luffy’s Dream,” ended on quite a cliffhanger. On their way to the next island, the Straw Hat Pirates came across the Ornament Bonnie of the Worst Generation. Her presence at this time could mean that she will be joining straw hats on her next adventure.

Something is vaguely known about all this. This isn’t the first time Straw Hats has welcomed someone on their ship so that their place can be taken entirely by someone else. This is exactly the kind of bait and switch that Nico Robin pulled with when leaving Alabasta.

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Here to clarify what happened to Nico Robin. Originally, it was expected to end with Albasta Ark joining Viv’s Straw Hats as the sixth member. Unfortunately for them, he decided to stay behind for the sake of his kingdom. His supposed position on the ship was instead filled by Nico Robin, who was rescued by Luffy and thus responsible.

At the time, no one knew what to do with this narrative decision. The university was what they had known for years. Nico Robin, or “Miss All Sunday” as she was better known at the time, was a former associate of the Baroque Works that specialized in murder. It didn’t seem even close to a fair trade-off.

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However, Robin eventually proves himself worthy to board Luffy’s ship. She also became a permanent member of the crew, which everyone would risk their lives to save. Vivi may have been good, but it can’t be denied what Robin brought to the table.

The same is happening with bat-and-switch Bonnie. Most recently, the Straw Hats were set to welcome Yamato aboard their ship so they could become pirates together. However, the Oni princess decided to stay in Vano and protect it from the invaders. With this, Bonnie will now fill whatever bed there was on Yamato’s thousand linen.

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In a way, Yamato wasn’t the only character who was eventually teased for boarding Sunny. A lot of fans were also looking forward to joining Carrot’s crew in the future. However, she is later called upon as the next leader of the Minks, so she also has to end her adventure with Luffy. This makes Bonnie a double bat-and-switch for Sunny.

The rabbit hole arguably goes deeper than this. In chapter 1059, “The Matter Involving Captain Coby,” Boa Hancock is shown contemplating leaving the Amazon lily for his own safety. As for where she would go, she considered marrying Luffy. Again. The latter point was played for laughs, but optimistic Hancock fans took it as a sign that she might someday join in straw hats on her adventures. This sees Bonnie aboard a triple bait-and-switch ship first.

Even Chapter 1060 teased the idea of ​​straw hats for obtaining the vivi. After learning that the Princess of Alabasta has gone missing, Luffy, Chopper, Nami and Sanji all want to save her. However, Zorro pointed out what a bad idea it was; Apart from the threat of an attack on the Naval Headquarters, none of them were sure of the status of the University. They have to rely on Vivi to take care of themselves until they are certain she is in undeniable danger. Thus, Vivi not only missed another chance to be with the Straw Hats, but Bonnie is now responsible for a quadruple bait-and-switch.

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Of course, that doesn’t mean Bonnie is going to be the new straw hat. She is simply a woman lost at sea who is saved by Straw Hats. For now, it’s best to see him as a guest on a ship like Caribou or Kinmon. Since she is another member of the Worst Generation, she may temporarily ally with Luffy as did Trafalgar Law.

Whether it was all a big callback or just a coincidence, there’s no denying how reminiscent of what happened to Robin. Being welcomed onto Luffy’s ship, missing out on the opportunity, and being completely replaced by someone else doesn’t happen very often. Unless Bonnie is involved. Then it can be four times.


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