Black Summoner Begins to Explore Eiffel’s Backstory and Family Past

The following are spoilers for episode 11 of Black Summoner, “Rank S Promotion Exam,” which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

black summoner Summer 2022 is a fascinating new Iskai title found in the anime season, which tells the story of Calvin the Opie Sumner, who has all kinds of fun roaming this colorful fantasy nation, meeting new friends, and fighting cool foes. Calvin has some really interesting allies, like demon princess Sera and the mysterious half-elf Eiffel.

So far, black summoner She treats Eiffel as a supporting character, in that she is a loving figure who generously supports everyone around her. Now, in episode 11, it’s time to dive deeper into Eiffel’s enigmatic past and find out how it ties into the elf tribe’s violent history, and how it may provide some clues as to where Calvin’s adventure takes him next. can carry.

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The Story of Lumil and the Fire Dragon King

The first half of episode 11 primarily focuses on the reclusive elf tribe that lives in the Forest Nation of the Forest – one of several kingdoms that the militaristic nation of Tricean may soon invade. Calvin and his courageous friends meet the leader of the elf tribe, Nelrus, who is affiliated with the Gaon king, and Nelrus explains everything. Elves are not native to this country; 20 years ago, they lived on the western continent, but then the ruthless fire dragon king attacked and wiped out half of them. The village was saved when a brave elf woman named Lumil stepped forward and offered herself as the Dragon King’s bride in exchange for peace, and the Dragon King accepted. However, a few years later, Lumil’s mutilated corpse is found, and the elves see that the fire as a warning to the Dragon King, prompting them to move to Gaon.

Nelrus sees an immediate connection between this tragic story and Calvin’s party in episode 11. In her eyes, the Eiffel Half-Elf girl looks very similar to Lumil herself, to the point where she blurred out Lumil’s name when she first met Eiffel in episode 11. Eiffel is actually a half-elf, so most likely, Lumil was his mother, but this still leaves the question of who Eiffel’s other parent is. If Lumil is indeed Eiffel’s mother, given their resemblance and elf blood, the father is likely a human rather than a dragon king, as dragons cannot mate with other species.

For now, Eiffel and Nelrus aren’t sure what will happen to it, but Calvin promises to help Eiffel find her long-forgotten past and piece together the mystery of her lineage. It’s not 100% confirmed that Lumil is Eiffel’s mother, but for now, it’s the best lead of the party, and it could connect Eiffel to this tribe and the Fire Dragon King, who is still out there somewhere. Perhaps the Eiffel is more important than anyone ever thought.

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Eiffel’s quest for self-discovery begins now

When it was the first time. appeared in black summonerOf course, Eiffel was just a slave for sale, and was bought by Calvin to help him find freedom and gain new friends. Slavery controversy aside, it didn’t do much to advance Eiffel’s character, as Eiffel’s backstory was completely unknown, and it hasn’t done much with his newfound freedom either. However, as of episode 11, black summoner Ready to send Eiffel on his quest to discover the truth of his heritage and find his true place in the world. Calvin may have bought Eiffel’s freedom, but if Eiffel doesn’t do anything with it, his character arc is dead upon arrival. , last few episodes of black summoner Might even separate Eiffel from Calvin’s party so that he can discover his roots on his own.

So far the only clues are Eiffel’s physical resemblance to his potential mother, Lumi, and the fact that when Calvin bought her, Eiffel was cursed by the magic of the Fire Dragon King. It is currently unknown why the fire dragon king attacked the elf tribe, and it is also unknown who killed Lumil and why. In fact, maybe it wasn’t the Dragon King himself who killed him, but perhaps Eiffel’s mysterious human father or some other side entirely. For now, it is up to Eiffel to reunite with his native elf tribe, uncover these secrets and create something of himself as Destiny’s daughter. Whatever his past, he is closely linked to the elf tribe and the fire dragon king, so it must be a big deal. it’s a mystery black summoner Fans can’t wait to see that sorted out.


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