Anko shows the reality of vampire life

The following contains spoilers for episode 11 of Call of the Night, “Do You Know What a Vampire Is?” Now streaming on HIDIVE.

night call Summer is a comedy anime series of the 2022 anime season, and most of its episodes glamorize the vampire’s nightlife and peaceful loneliness, most notably Yamori, in the eyes of the insomniac protagonist. Sometimes, however, vampire life is revealed for what it really is: a demonic one.

Already, Ko’s friends Mahiru and Akira have urged Ko to preserve their humanity and embrace the power of friendship with them in mainstream human society. Now, in episode 11, Ko himself sees how pathetic the vampire lifestyle can really be, and that if he listens to Detective Anko Uguisu, he will abandon his supernatural quest forever. Still nothing has been decided yet.

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Right now, Ko feels like a young man from two worlds, values ​​his friendship with Akira and Mahiru, while falling in love with Nazuna and engaging in his daring dream of becoming a vampire himself before the deadline expires. Has happened. Ko is still convinced that human society has nothing in store for him, and that living as a reclusive, hedonistic bloodsucker will really dominate the night where he can make his own rules. In episode 11, Ko’s dream is challenged when he meets a new character – a detective named Anko Uguisu. She doesn’t realize it at first, but street-walker Anko knows all about vampires, and in fact, she knows more about them than Ko.

In episode 11, Ko has a chance encounter with Anko, then he meets with Mahiru and Akira for a visit to his school in the middle of the night. It’s the power of human friendship at work, and the amusing antics of the three friends in episode 11 clearly show what he has to lose if his vampire plan goes through. Already, episode 11 is without words discouraging Ko from giving up her humanity, and the episode takes it even further when a new vampire shows up – a hungry male vampire hiding in a classroom. He’s nothing like Nazuna, Seri, or Arisa – this unknown vampire, a former teacher at the school, is a miserable, ferocious animal desperate for blood.

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This vampire disappeared 10 years ago, around the same time he became a vampire, and in that time, he never understood his own vampire nature, nor did he ever eat blood despite his hunger. Episode 11 makes it clear that when the teacher fell in love with a female vampire and was bitten to become his child, the female vampire never told him this. So the male vampire spent 10 years in agony, delusions and hunger, falling prey to the vampire who replaced him. He attacks Akira in episode 11, finally at first ready to eat blood, but then Anko appears and saves the day. However, this story will not have a happy ending.

Anko makes peace with the male vampire and allows him to die in the sunlight, all while urging him to hang onto his remaining scraps of humanity that he once was. Ko opposes this mercy killing, but a fed up Anko confronts the boy, telling him that he understands very little about vampires and that his dream of becoming one is hopelessly silly. Being a vampire isn’t just fun and games, and a seasoned explorer like Anko would know. Ko may reconsider his plan to become a vampire in light of this, but then again, Ko at least has an idea of ​​what he’s up to. In contrast, the teacher was completely ignorant of the vampire, even claiming that the vampire woman who had turned her had tricked her.

It’s a dire warning about the harsh realities of vampire life and an example of what can go wrong, but nonetheless, Ko can just escape that fate and be a happy vampire anyway. Clearly though, it won’t be easy, and is taking a much bigger risk than you once realized. He’s stoic, and one wrong move can make him look like that miserable vampire teacher. The stakes have now reached an all-time high.


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