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my isekai life Made its debut in the Summer 2022 anime season, as one of several isekai titles with contestants such as black summoner And overlordThe fourth season of Look back, my isekai life It was a pretty straightforward adventure with a distinctive strong protagonist, but at least the plot and setting were more exciting.

Yuji is a Beast Tamer and a Sage, and this unbeatable hero had all kinds of fun roaming colorful fantasy worlds, making friends, discovering new magic, and fighting powerful monsters. sometimes, my isekai life Felt like a “monster of the week” anime, but a few key plot points helped propel the story and gave Yuji’s Isakai adventure some serious stakes.

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When the ominous Blue Moon appeared in the sky

Initially, the cult of the Blue Moon became one of Yuji’s most frequent enemies, inspired by the insidious Blue Moon that appears in the night sky. This was no ordinary celestial strangeness; The huge blue moon was a symbol of the ultimate destruction of the world, and under its influence all kinds of people and demons went wild. This gave Yuji’s otherwise relaxing adventure an ominous edge, with the tension slowly building up over the course of the anime. Yuji didn’t yet know what would happen next, but he knew that he would need all of his formidable magical talents to face this ever-increasing threat and save the world. The Blue Moon cult stood in his way, determined to bring about the apocalypse, and Yuji just couldn’t do anything about it.

When Yuji Invented a Magical Rain Machine

Later my isekai life, Yuji conquered and defeated a giant Godzilla-like volcano dragon, but this dragon wasn’t acting alone. The Blue Moon cult had a hand in the disaster, and after Yuji defeats the Volcano Dragon with all his might, he stumbles upon a magical rain-making machine nearby. Yuji had since learned that magical objects could affect the weather, such as creating artificial winter conditions, but why did the Blue Moon cult put this rain machine here? Yuji had too many questions and very few answers, unaware that these rain machines could literally wield magical power to summon an army of demons all over the world. This was another important step in the Blue Moon cult’s mission to wipe out this “tainted” world, and Yuji will need some help fighting off these wicked rainstorms.

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When Yuji augments his party with training and equipment

As a wandering animal, Yuji is almost like a Pokémon trainer, and he proved it during some key scenes. my isekai life, Yuji may be the OP, but that’s only because he uses his Slimes and Proud Wolf so creatively, and the clever Yuji decides to enhance them for future battles. He commissioned a collection of new equipment for all of his animal friends, which increased his speed, and he also gave Proud Wolf a vigorous training regimen to complete. Yuji stood back and watched as Proud Wolf push himself to the limit against certain Pokemon-like oxen, and in the process, Proud Wolf sharpened his skills and overcame his fear. He is the Proud Wolf reincarnated, ready to fight and conquer Yuji’s worst enemies. This shows how much Yuji cares for his animal companions as a true pastoralist.

When the Blue Moon’s Prophecy Came True

For a time, Yuji’s ally Father Seyel was certain that Yuji was the prophetic sage who would bring salvation to this troubled world, and that Father Style’s own sacrifice would help Yuji realize his fate. But the style was wrong. In a last-minute twist, Walter of the Blue Moon cult lays down his life to summon the real Sage—a super-powerful, godly figure who embodied the true power of the Blue Moon. This sage was such a great danger that not even Yuji could handle, and his arrival heralded the beginning of the apocalypse.

The corrupting rain summoned an army of demons across the area, but luckily, many of Yuji’s friends fought heroically to defend their homes, giving Yuji some much-needed time. The sage was determined to end the cycle of violence and destruction by destroying the entire world once and for all, but with divine, god-killing powers by his side, Yuji eventually won, and the day saved. However, remnants of the Blue Moon cult continued to plot their eventual return. Yuji’s quest to save the world may not be over yet.


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