Anime film Drifting Home skillfully depicts heartache and broken innocence

Latest movie released by Studio Colorado, drifting homewas expected to follow the success trend of the studio that produced it – and it delivered. drifting home It has a lot of qualities that made for a great visual story, from its animation and lighting to its voice acting and music, but it was the plot and characters that were really engaging. like a movie a silent voiceThe troubled childhoods of the characters and the emotional weight they carry from their past speak to a lot.

drifting home Explores much more than a surface-level plot point of children attempting to survive in a floating apartment. While it shows some breakdown of the innocence of the secondary characters, with situations such as contemplating the possibility of starving to death, Juri Ando suffering a horrific head injury, and Rina Hama people. In understanding the differences and growing up not to be afraid of them, all these scenarios are clear for the viewer to follow. The real challenge to innocence comes as a result of the main characters’ broken relationships and childhood trauma, as well as a sense of apartment longing for the past.

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Kosuke and Natsume’s relationship

The relationship between the two primary characters, Kosuke Kumagai and Natsume Takeuchi, is the driving force of the film. While there are many other elements, such as an apartment drifting over an ocean in an unknown reality and a struggle for existence, the main focus of the film is how their relationship flourishes, crashes, and what happens in the film. Shadow on point is what it once was. Although it is not clear at first why the relationship turned so sour, it is implied by the passing of Kosuke’s grandfather, Yasuji Kumagaya.

The interesting development of the conflicting relationship is revealed later in the film. At first, it appears that Kosuke holds a grudge against Natsume for “barging in” his family and takes command of time with his grandfather, becoming another child to attract attention, and his grandfather. Upon his death, he had fallen at odds due to the fact. However, as the story unfolds Natsume’s past, the situation is clearly far more complicated. An argument between the two children interrupted Kosuke’s last chance to say goodbye to his grandfather, but it was not Kosuke who resented the end of their relationship; It was Natsume’s guilt due to the trauma of her past home life that forced her to set up barriers to protect herself.

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Natsume’s childhood

The challenging regression of Kosuke and Natsume’s relationship stems not only from Yasuji’s passing, but also from the trauma Natsume suffered as a young child. Her mother and father were in a verbally abusive marriage and repeatedly fought with each other in Natsume’s presence. In fact, Natsume can’t remember a time when she was actually happy being with her parents. At one point, an argument escalated to the point of having materialized for a while, and it was a far cry from it. Her father and mother are separated, and Natsume is sent to live with Kosuke and Yasuji. way drifting home The pain Natsume experiences is very real, and her behavior is given clarity, actually bringing to light the reality of the mask she wears; The whole situation has been made even more tragic at such a young age.

There are moments in the film where Natsume and Kokusuke’s behavior is disappointing, but understandable. It becomes clear why Natsume is she, and Kosuke is the key to breaking her exterior, but due to her difficulties processing her emotions, their conversations are suppressed and at times, only a few words leave her. He hesitates to wake up again. Past family love. The film expertly uses this to keep viewers on the verge of heartbreak, feeling the pain that lives inside Natsume as she uses her mask to avoid connecting with the others, and Kosuke’s struggles. To express how he really feels due to his lack of understanding of Natsume’s feelings.

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Noppo, Spirit of the Apartment 112

There is another aspect of innocence being shattered that is a little more hidden within the narrative. Knoppo, while it is never explicitly stated, can be considered the spirit of the apartment complex. In Shintoism, it is believed that everything, including inanimate objects, can have a soul. If the object has been abused, it can create a vengeful feeling. It can be extended to one building only, which means drifting home, It is debatable how the idea of ​​a building spirit is related to Shinto lore, but it can be interpreted that the buildings in the film that saw happiness within their walls expressed a sense of happiness, while those that saw the sense of infinity. The sea was not sunk to the bottom, destroying everything within its depths in vengeance and jealousy.

Noppo is the heart and soul of Apartment 112 itself and had been watching people for many years, feeling the love they shared and living with them as one. It particularly focused on Kosuke, Natsume, and Yasuji, as Noppo enjoyed watching their happy times and seeing their smiles. This desire to recapture the happy times was experienced by Noppo before Kosuke and Natsume left, causing them to be brought to the ocean world for the crashed buildings. The film is the result of Knoppo’s desire to cling to the innocence of the past and the happy times, unable to accept the current situation and move on. It is not until Noppo realizes that, while the past is no longer, it does not mean that the future is full of misery, and his love for Kosuke and Natsume becomes the saving grace in the film’s climax. Is.

drifting home Examines the innocence of children in many aspects. Some aspects of it surface to the audience, while others lie within the complex relationships the characters share or rooted in childhood trauma. The film tackles such issues with maturity and realism, prompting the audience to eliminate certain elements through implication, which makes the journey all the more heartwarming. As an emotional adventure, drifting home Studio Colorado’s best production ever, and it’s a must-see for any anime fan. For two hours jumping between pleasure and pain and reflection, drifting home Can be streamed through Netflix.


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