Anime fan’s huge manga collection is on display in a museum

Hobbyists love to collect – when someone loves something, it makes sense that they want everything related to that thing they could possibly get their hands on. a fan of Astro Boy Producer Osamu Tezuka has amassed a collection of Tezuka memorabilia so massive that it is now literally in a museum.

as reported by asahi shimbunoIn , manga collector Takanobu Tsuge recently donated his entire Tezuka collection to the Hashima Movie Museum, a museum in Hashima City. Tsuge’s collection has become the focal point of a new exhibit dedicated to Tezuka, presented in celebration of Astro BoyIt’s 70th anniversary. in addition to the following Astro BoyTezuka’s best-known series, Tsuge’s collection also includes memorabilia related to the artist’s other works, including Jungle Emperor And black jack,

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Tsuge says that he has been a fan of Tezuka’s work for as long as he can remember. Collector, now 67, begins watching animated Astro Boy series when he was in first grade, and has since remained a devoted fan of both the series and its creator. In fifth grade, Tsuge says he joined a Astro Boy Some of the memorabilia obtained from that club, including the fan club, and their membership certificates, are on display as part of the Hashima Movie Museum’s exhibit.

Tsuge says that, in some ways, his Tezuka collection actually came about because he was not Very memorable as a child Tezuka. He began collecting manga, film posters, and other pieces of the Tezuka Almanac in college, and believes that if he was allowed to start collecting that collection sooner, it would exist today. Not possible. In his words, “Would my parents have bought [Tezuka’s books] For me regularly, I don’t have them.”

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Osamu Tezuka died in 1989 at the age of 60, but his stories go back decades. Astro Boyhas, of course, remained a very iconic character for a while now with a new prequel manga, Atomic: The Beginningsoon receiving its second volume and a new animated series from the creators of Miraculous: Tales of the Ladybug and Cat Noire on its way. Tezuka’s other characters, such as the time-travelling unicorn Unicorn, have also endured. Uniko is the star of the upcoming manga Uniko: Awakening,

Tezuka fans can view Tsuge’s entire collection of Tezuka manga and memorabilia at the Hashima Movie Museum.

Source: asahi shimbuno


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