Ang’s MBTI Type and How It Defines Him

Avatar The Last Airbender is an action-packed anime-style series featuring a colorful cast of some of Nickelodeon’s best characters ever, from Fire Nation’s redeemed Prince Zuko to brother/sister duo Sokka and Katara and of course the Tsunder Earthbender Toof Beefong Are included. The best avatar is Aang himself, the last airbender in the world.

Aang is the best hope for restoring peace during the Hundred Years’ War, but uniting and healing the world requires more than the four elements. Fortunately, Aang has the compassion, wisdom, and kindness needed to bring people together and usher in an era of peace, tolerance and hope. And his MBTI personality type says a lot about who he really is as a youth protector and peacemaker.

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Avatar Anga’s MBTI Personality Type: ENFP, Campaigner

Avatar Aang is best described as the Evangelist Personality Type (ENFP), being the most outgoing, optimistic, and people-oriented out of the 16 personality types. ENFP stands for Extrovert Intuitive Feeling, which combines an idealistic, empathetic and flexible mindset that is ready to help others in any way necessary. The ENFP personality type has some overlap with its persuasive cousin, the ENFJ hero type, with the difference that heroes are more rule-bound and systematic in how they deal with their judging nature, as opposed to free-spirited. Enthusiast is the opposite of ENFP. The publicist can also feel similar to the playful, expressive ESFP entertainer type, except the ENFP is more interested in the high ideals and concepts, while the entertainer lives entirely in the here and now.

A preacher can strike a smart balance between his outgoing, sociable nature and his lofty ideals and aspirations and be comfortable in and out of his skin. As the name suggests, an ENFP will happily meet and get to know the people around them so that they can inspire, uplift and guide them to a better future, working as an informal leader full time. Campaigners really want what is best for everyone and they dream big, which means they are adept at envisioning a better, happier society for all and figuring out how to achieve it.

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For a preacher, no one is happy until everyone is happy and no one is left behind. All people are connected, and an ENFP will work hard to figure out how to change society for the better. They will spend a lot of time figuring out the motives, goals, relationships, and emotional states of the people around them to help develop the right plan, all thanks to their intuitive nature. After all, there’s a pattern behind everything, and if a preacher can meet enough people, they’ll be solving society’s mysteries in no time.

ENFPs have several notable strengths, including their practical curiosity and ability to find out what other individuals and groups are thinking. It is important to figure out how to improve society and make everyone happier, more connected and better understood. Likewise, ENFPs have an infectious enthusiasm for doing the right thing, to which dazzling charisma matches. On the downside, campaigners are total people pleasers and may make silly compromises or sacrifices to make sure everyone likes them. They can also become too chaotic in their own mind and move from one lofty idea to another, which can prevent any of these ideas from flourishing. Preachers can be a little too optimistic and deny some of the harsh truths of their world.

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Avatar Aang as the preacher in The Last Airbender

Even before he learned of his duty as the new incarnation after Roku’s death, Aang was a complete preacher at heart, always ready and willing to keep everyone happy. As a quintessential air nomad, Aang is a naturally flexible-minded, resourceful, compassionate and people-oriented individual who always puts the needs of others first.

Aang will do everything he can to end the raging war in the present era, to heal and reunite a divided world, and to ensure that all people are supported, understood, and given hope. Most notably, Aang does not want to punish the Fire Nation and its soldiers, but rather to help them restore balance with the world and think about a better, more harmonious future. A preacher like Aang is about how the future can be better, not how the past should be punished. An ENFP would never say that two wrongs make a right.

Aang has always favored diplomacy, patience and forgiveness over revenge Avatar, such as when he urged Katara not to seek bloody vengeance against the Fire Nation officer who killed her mother. Katara and Zuko suspect Aang at first, only to realize that he was always right, which prompts Katara to embrace Zuko as a forgiving friend. in season 1 the last AirbenderAfter Zuko/Blue Spirit saves him, Aang says he once had a friend in Fire Nation, so of course he and Zuko can be friends too if they put their differences aside. This is a total ENFP trick. In the end, Aang helps Zuko heal the country’s post-war wounds, but by removing one of the Fire Nation colonies, turning the largest colony into a multinational, futuristic city where everyone is welcome.


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