All Might is MHA’s biggest hero

Known as a symbol of peace, My Hero AcademiaAll Might held the title of Number One Pro Hero for years. His charisma and dedication to save everyone with a smile helped in boosting his reputation and made him unbeatable. All Might’s ability to make the most of his One for All quirk diminished over time, so he began teaching how to find a successor.

Everyone can be idealized as a hero, but his skills as a teacher are lacking – especially in comparison to other professors such as Shota Aizawa. Due to some flaws in its teaching, All Might constantly puts its students at risk and does not help them reach their full potential.

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Not all helped students overcome their weaknesses

during home MinistryIn Bravery Training, students go through various scenarios to practice using their Quirks. USJ students can run through natural disaster simulations such as floods and rock falls, practicing defending in addition to dealing with villainous attacks. Each student of Class 1-A had specific areas of specialization. Tsuyu Asui, for example, thrived on water defenses because of her frog quirk, but struggled in colder temperatures and went into hibernation.

Everyone has hardly considered the strengths and weaknesses of their students. Much of their training consists of combat, which does not fully prepare the young heroes for their future work. While they may learn how to fight, villains can be cruel and calculating. Tomura Shigaraki often evades pros and cons and is caught, and has allies who can do great harm to a group of teenagers. All Might’s training did not include special components designed to help students deal with opponents stronger than themselves or to hone their quirks. As a result, students were often easily overwhelmed or panicked when faced with real villains.

When Class 1-A took their final exams, All Might was paired with Midoriya and Bakugo simply because they didn’t get along. Although their teamwork was a weakness, Midoriya had a lot of trouble managing One for All. Bakugo’s ego didn’t allow him to cooperate AnyoneForget about Midoriya. Aizawa, however, paid close attention to the weaknesses of his students. He knew that Momo Yaoyoruzu had lost his confidence at the sports festival and enlisted Shoto Todoroki to not only help him, but Todoroki sees the value in teamwork. As a result of his battle with Aizawa, the two developed as individuals.

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All too often giving priority to Midoriya over other students

As the next successor to One For All, Midoriya often worked with All Might to train his newfound Quirk. The boy initially struggled to use his Quirk and repeatedly injured himself. All spent most of their time with Midoriya trying to teach him to master the quirk before he couldn’t use it himself. Since he spent most of his time concentrating on Midoriya or acting as a hero until he retired, All Might often received scolding from Aizawa.

in a hurry My Hero Academia, Aizawa often reprimanded All Might for not being available on time for his teaching duties. Until he retired, All Might tried to multitask with teaching and hero work, which sometimes resulted in him burning himself before going to school. As a result, he did not spend as much time as he could with other students. While the time All Might spent with Midoriya eventually helped her grow, she had 19 other students who could use the same mentorship.

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Everyone sometimes projected themselves on Midoriya

When everyone inherited One for All from Nana Shimura, he quickly adapted to using his new quirk and was able to use 100% of his power. When he handed over Quirk to Midoriya, he wrongly expected the same for his successor. Gran Torino warns All Might that his fame and powers often alienate him from the abilities and weaknesses of others. This defect would make him a poor teacher.

All Mydoria was often pushed by more than her young body could handle. He assumed that the protagonist would be able to handle One for All in the same way, but Midoriya took longer to adapt. Midoriya’s arms couldn’t withstand Quirk’s incredible power, which resulted in her breaking her bones. It wasn’t until he learned to condense the power in his legs that he finally learned to use the quirk. All Might and Midoriya realized that the latter needed to become a hero on their own – and learn to use their powers in a different way.

While he is still learning to go from pro hero to pro teacher, All Might cares deeply for his students and puts in a lot of effort to protect them. They may need notes and help from guidebooks to give constructive advice, but all can still be widely influenced. My Hero AcademiaThe next generation of heroes.


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