15 anime endings that ruined the entire series

There are few forms of entertainment that have experienced as meteoric rise as anime. The medium of animated content has progressively evolved from a fringe attraction to a mainstream interest that has taken root in many places beyond Japan. It is often difficult to know which anime series are destined for classics and which anime should be avoided at all costs.

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However, some anime series are not unilaterally good or bad. Sometimes a skillful chain fails to make a landing and ruin what could have been a new classic. Unfortunately there are too many anime series that turn out to be a mixed bag courtesy of their divisive conclusions.

Updated by Daniel Kurland on September 17, 2022: modern habits of seeing only made the audience more reactionary, It’s increasingly common for a failed finale to end a series’ reputation permanently and for fewer people to revisit its glory years. A weak conclusion shouldn’t seal the fate of a series, but it has become the new normal and puts tremendous pressure on the ending rather than the journey to get there. That being said, some endings are so abrupt and counter-intuitive that it’s hard not to be disappointed.

15 The Promised Neverland Erases Its Nuances for an Unearthed Ending

the promised neverland There are only two seasons, but there is a shocking change in quality between these two collections of episodes. the promised neverland follows a group of orphans who learn that they are only swamps in a world full of demons.

last episode of the promised neverland There’s an outrageous exposition dump that glosses over important plot points in a montage, but these issues have been present throughout the second season. Vast portions of the manga’s story tend to be condensed or erased entirely, making the plot seem inappropriate later on.

14 Wonder Egg Priority sends its hurt hero into endless misery

Wonder Egg Priority There is an emotionally draining focus on friendship, loss, and forgiveness. The anime uses magical girl-style traps to turn a group of traumatized girls into literal monsters they take on in battle. A bitter energy runs through all Wonder Egg Priority, So a happy ending doesn’t necessarily have to feel real.

Having said that, Wonder Egg PriorityRough finishes are often listed as anime’s biggest problem. There’s a lack of closure on what really happened to Koito, as well as any progress the AI ​​has made, erased by his brutal decision to return to the Wonder Eggs’ doomed existence.

13 Akame Ga Kill mixes up its priorities during its final episode

ekme ga killu Starts off with an excellent foundation, but like many anime that adapted the ongoing manga series, its hasty ending fails to prevent a landing. The events of this end are not so much that doesn’t work out, but the leaps that are made to reach these places.

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a big discount ekme ga kill’Its basic ending is that half of the finale is reduced to a painstaking epilogue. Clever pacing could have put the final battle between Akame and Asdeth more at stake and there is still time for a post-war end.

12 The school days get at its worst character and feasts on human misery

school day is a polarizing anime series whose ending is even more controversial. The anime is based on a popular visual novel game that explores the recreational pursuits of an irresponsible high schooler named Makoto Itou.

school day Selfish is full of human behavior, but the anime could have had multiple options for its ending based on the different routes the game took. school day decides to go with a hopelessly flirtatious ending where the worst character gets what he wants and fails to suffer for his actions, while all the other characters who are deserving of happiness are forced to suffer. is forced to.

1 1 Dragon Ball GT leads to a confusing, reckless conclusion

the previous one Dragon Ball The series ran for hundreds of episodes, and many GTFans thought the anime was finally making some progress with its Shadow Dragon arc. However, the final dragon’s defeat turns into a sudden farewell after only 64 episodes.

Goku’s decision to sacrifice himself for the good of the planet is in line with his character, but the specifics of his being one with Shenron and the Dragon Balls are just as puzzling. Even the few episodes that made this decision would have helped Dragon Ball G. TeaMay the end be more successful.

One of the Worst Endings of an Anime Series Concludes the 2003 Original full Metal Alchemist Chain. The anime starts out strong, but it suffers from a lot of anime that quickly adapt a popular manga series before ending.

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full Metal Alchemist The anime takes a gamble with its ending, but it basically misses the point of Edward and Alphonse’s journey. The brothers make sacrifices for each other, but Edward is displaced and left in a new world which is a highly unsatisfactory conclusion. This failed ending is the reason why the manga was properly adapted years later. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

9 Tokyo Ghoul Route A continues to pull down a classic manga series

It’s still compelling to think how devastating mix tokyohas an anime adaptation and its poor reception has negatively affected the manga as well. mix tokyo The franchise becomes another victim of playing fast with the source material.

Tokyo Ghoul Route A The original picks up from the anime’s climactic finale where Ken Kaneki embraces his darker ghoul side. The manga has strong material to pull from, but the anime does its job instead and escalates the fight to sadness. Tokyo Ghoul: Ray Tries to fix this glitch, but it’s too late.

8 Soul Eater Forgets Its Major Subjects For A Charming Finish

soul Eater A fun shonen series that sets up an addictive premise where teams of wielding weapons and their weapons of human death claim souls. soul Eater Works great for 50 episodes, but its final installment kind of gets off-booked that’s just confusing.

soul Eater The anime crafts an original ending where Maka turns evil and saves the day through a random punch that should represent the power of friendship and courage. It’s a solution that seems out of nowhere and even distasteful as the rest of the anime emphasizes hardcore fighting strategy and teamwork.

7 Sword Art Online throws character illustrations out the window for an easy ending

sword Art Online Isekai indulges in many of the genre’s staples, but the connection that forms between newcomers Kirito and Asuna is really sweet. such a strong foundation sword Art OnlineWhich makes its haphazard to end such despair.

sword Art OnlineThe motivations of the characters have been completely abandoned. Asuna becomes a weak and passive man, while the villainous Kayaba reveals that he didn’t even have a reason for his murderous plan. Kirito’s final actions regarding the release of the World Seed seem just as random and it undermines everything that comes before him.

6 Future Diary’s ambitious epilogue ruined any sense of closure

future diary There is a mystical series where a dozen mighty diaries are left, all of whom not only have the ability to predict the future, but help the god of time and space choose his successor. future Diary Wraps up her loose ends properly, only then stepping out on an unnecessary cliffhanger.

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An epilogue set 10,000 years in the future predicts the results of a new diary game, only to find the encounter abruptly ending and confusing the audience. the answers finally emerged The Future Diary: RedialBut that came years later.

5 Guren Lagaan snatched it away at the last second

Gurren Lagann is an excellent mecha anime series that finds new angles on rebellious fiction and the underdog hero, which it combines with unique robot designs. Simon’s mission to balance the world and drive out the sinister alien race is combined with his love for Nia.

Simon saves the day and he and Nia are literally about to confirm their marriage when Nia disappears, lost forever because of Simon’s victory against the alien race. A happy ending isn’t always necessary, but this grim conclusion comes out of nowhere and there’s a major tonal shift the characters deserve.

4 The final episode of Gintama is a troll of the highest nature

gintama A masterpiece of comedy, action and genre-blending, but an ongoing joke in the anime series is that it is often being canceled due to the manga’s concurrent timeline. gintamaThe episode’s 367th and final episode begins with a high-octane fight sequence that suddenly “cuts” to a fourth-wall-breaking apology for why they weren’t able to finish the anime properly.

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It’s one of the most ridiculous ways to end a series, and though it may frustrate some who were hungry for resolution, it’s also an ending that’s pure, undeniable. gintama, This is as true as it is depressing.

3 The criminal mastermind of ERASED turns out to be a blank slate

erase is a groundbreaking mystery series that combines time travel, a vicious serial killer, and a supernatural mission into a completely unexpected experience. Satoru’s every attempt to find out the identity of this criminal turns out to be more thrilling than the last, so it feels empty when the bigger villain’s motives are never clear, even if his identity is revealed.

Sometimes a murderer’s haphazard and indecisive nature is what makes them so terrifying. But the audience wanted answers erase And the criminal’s weak characterization gives Satoru’s victory a sense of some emptiness.

2 The ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion is still something the franchise wants to improve

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an existential mecha series that has earned its reputation as one of the most mind-bending anime of all time. Evangelion Nothing is more due to Hideki Eno’s intense involvement in the production of the series.

This is the end of Anno’s own feelings and doubts. Evangelionwhich develops into heady philosophical thought rather than a concrete action conclusion. Evangelion‘sThe ending caused so much uproar that it led to the release of death and rebirth, end of evangelion,and even the present reconstruction of Scripture Films that continue to retell the controversial final act of the series.

1 Claymore’s Rushed Ending and Tacked on a Cliffhanger Muddle Its Message

claymore Creates a rich world full of interesting monsters known as Yomas as well as female Claymore warriors who hunt them. Claire is an effective and aggressive protagonist in this violent series, but the immersive world it creates is only hurt by the sudden conclusion.

Claymore’s The final episodes rush through a ton of material, so none of the events and character inspiration seem appropriate. Even more overpowering, it creates a loose cliffhanger that is never followed. These unnecessary threads and unsatisfactory lack of payment really hurt claymore,

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